If “Mr Wang Shu” really was “the Executive Director of a reputable financial institution in Asia” he wouldn’t be sending you, or me, or thousands of others, a random email offering to share millions of dollars.  He also wouldn’t write the subject line of his email entirely in capital letters – this alone is a giveaway that this is a scam.

Ignore this story teller, whose only interest in money is to take your money from you when he starts asking you to pay fees.

Good day,

Sorry for the intrusion into your privacy. I am one of the Executive Directors of a
reputable financial institution in Asia. I got your email account while searching for
a business oriented personality and I would like you to partner with me in a very
lucrative business transaction. I bring forth a business proposal to the tune of
($6.5 Million U.S Dollars).

If you know you are capable of handling and partaking in this transaction, please
send down the following personal details to me at my private email account for
briefings and more clarification:

(1) Full names:
(2) Occupation:
(3) Age and Sex:
(4) Marital Status:
(5) Private phone number:
(6) Current residential address:

Note that all information’s required to complete this transaction will be revealed to you
immediately indicate your interest to partake in this transaction with me.


Thank you very much for your attention.

Mr Wang Shu