This scammer clearly failed the Level 1 Scam exam at scam school.  The bit where the title and text says (Victim’s Email) is clearly intended to contain the victim’s email address.

But hey – there’s nothing like telling your intended target that they are a victim.  Why not just add a message saying “Hi – I’m a scammer, send me your money”.

Or to put it another way – this idiot is after your money.  Ignore him or her.

REF: FLP-IP/2422-FM10089/0877
RE: Internet Crime Victim Restitution
Our records indicate that you are eligible to receive restitution for
one or more of the internet fraud schemes you’ve been a victim of. See necessary case details below. The perpetrator and their group of
co-offenders had over 2000 aliases originating from Russia, Nigeria,
Ghana, London and many more masking their original identities.
Our records indicate that you have been a victim of fraud because your contact details were found on several devices belonging to the
perpetrator. Following court orders, this makes you eligible to
receive restitution for damages caused by their crimes.  Being that
(SUBJECT) operated on an international scale and victimized thousands of individuals and companies of several nationalities, we determined that the investigation had to be kept private and away from public media to maintain unitary judgment and integrity in international relations. Because this was a private investigation, all victims (Including Yourself) were represented by a professional
court-appointed public defender.
(European Law Firm) with over 10 years of experience on similar case. After having consistently pursued the (SUBJECTS) case for two years, successfully  secured restitution payments of GBP 1,455,000.00 for each victim. Restitution are ordered to be paid immediately. To start receiving your restitution benefits, contact the (Law Firm) at:    Note that all entries must be claimed no later than 26th of November, 2019. Be sure to quote your reference number in all correspondences.
Sincerely Yours.
Christopher Wray
FBI: Internet Relations
Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)