“Barr Miller Victor” tells me he saw my “listing in the site”.  However he doesn’t say which listing or which site and clearly doesn’t know my name.

He’s just a scammer.  He hasn’t seen my site listed anywhere, he’s just sending his scam email to thousands of random email addresses in the hope that someone will fall for his story.  If you make the mistake of replying, this scammer will start asking you to send money.  Ignore him.


I saw your listing in the site and was impressed hence my resolve to contact you for Investment purposes. My name is Barr. Miller Victor and I am a staff of Anderson and Millers Legal Office.

I have a client whom I am representing and she has asked me to solicit for a reputable person that will participate in investing a huge sum of fund which has been set aside for direct investment overseas and she intends to invest this huge sum in your country.

I will inform you of your remuneration in participation when I receive your mail and for future correspondence, I advice that you contact me via my private email address which is:

I will wait to receive your email.


Victor Miller