There are two reasons why his scammer wants to maintain the “anonymity” of his “investor”:

1) He’s a scammer and doesn’t want someone like me to add his scam email to a block such as this

2) He’s a scammer so there is no investor

If you reply this scammer will just ask you to send him money to pay for “fees”. ┬áIgnore him.

This is a management placement on behalf of an investor whose anonymity is
held in strict confidence because of obvious reasons. The investor is
interested in a joint partnership venture with you or your company for a
period of Ten (10)years,he the investor is willing to re-assign the
proceed of his investment Bond in your favour to facilitate the term of
agreement that we may enter with you.

If you are vast in business and would be capable to handle a capital
project,please present your details along with your business plan to
enable us review and set up a live meeting with you and our brokers here
in Europe. Upon the receipt of your information,we shall present the
agreement binding this
transaction for your perusal and signature.

I will await your message.


Vladimir Kalinin