It is my humble pleasure/From Dr John Momoh

Saturday, March 7, 2009 1:48 AM
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Dear Sir/Madam

It is my humble pleasure to write you this important letter, irrespectively of the fact that we have not meet for the first time or known each other before.However Iam searching for a reliable and trust worthy person,firm,or Company that can assit me to invest wisley in your country. Iam DR JOHN MOMOH JNR,from Sierra Leone, son of the LATE HONR SWARANDEN MOMOH,the former Minister of Gold and Diamond. In the past years my country has been involved in a very horrible and bloody war in which so many Soul and properties were destroyed and many atrocities were committed against humanity. My father was killed during war, because of his support for the rebels movement in Sierra Leone. He was accused of embezzlement of fund from the co-operation and funding ethnic Mining forces.

Before his death, in my visit to him in detention he disclose to me an existence of USD$29.6m,& 100 Kilos alluvial Gold dust and 150 carat Nucal Diamond in boxes seald together, which he kept in underground vault of our villa in free-town, after the war, I hurried to the villa as I am luckY to survive with my junior sisters, as my parents elder brothers and a senior sister were killed in the war, I still found the boxes intact and I decided to move it out of my country immediately with different identity,withholding the trust of the real content for security reasons,even the security house is not aware of the real content inside the boxes till now. We are presently in Refugee camp with my two younger sisters as we survive the war, although the war has ended, but Iconsidered it unsafe to go back to our country since we have lost our parents brothers and sister and properties confiscated by sierra Leone government and our present condition of suffering here is unbearable. Iam not exposed to the outside world and have no knowledge in business for investment.

For this reason,I am soliciting for your assistance to help arrange for our residence in your country and to help us invest this money wisely for our future living as we have nothing else left than those consignments. I have the believe in you and I am ready to go into negotiation with you. The security house have agreed to relocate the consignment for us to any of their branches in SPAIN, lONDON & ROME ITALY, with guarantee I assure you risk free in this transaction.

I await your urgent response I will you give you further information on the development of things and how we should go about it.

Yours sincerely
DR JOHN Momoh Jnr
Believe me, there is nothing “humble” in “DR JOHN Momoh Jnr’s pleasure” to rob you. You should take great “pleasure” and delight to delete this spam.