I’ve collected some very interesting content about you.

This is a cut price bitcoin scammer.  The last one wanted 399$ in bitcoin See Here.  Sometimes these scammers use a username or an old password they’ve found for you from a hacked list.  This one seems to have purchased a dodgy list – that’s not a username I’ve ever used.

Just ignore this fool.  Most people don’t own bitcoin, but if you do please don’t send them to this scammer who has no idea who you are.

Hi, sacrifice.
This is my final warning.
I write you inasmuch as I buried a trojan on the web page with pornography which you have visited.
My trojan grabbed all your private information and turned on your webcam which recorded the act of your masturbation. Just after that the virus saved your contact list.
I will remove the compromising video records and information if you send me 350 USD in bitcoin. This is address for payment : 1GW7R8sy4YXYuHVtR1SUbMZq26ztKZRhuT

I give you 30h after you open my message for making the transaction.
As soon as you open the message I’ll see it immediately.
It is not necessary to tell me that you have sent money to me. This address is connected to you, my system will erased automatically after transfer confirmation.
If you need 48 hours just answer on this message with +.
You can visit the police office but nobody can’t help you.
If you attempt to deceive me , I’ll know it right away!
I don’t live in your country. So no one can’t find my location even for 9 months.
Goodbye. Don’t forget about the disgrace and to ignore, Your life can be ruined.