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This was forwarded to me by a reader.  I’m not sure that the writer of this bit of rubbish has any idea where the UK is.  They refer to the EU as “Entire Europe”.  Nice try sunshine.

There is no job.  Just a scammer wanting to take money from you.  To see how these fake job scams work, take a look at the Scam Victims page on this site. Just ignore this scammer and don’t reply.

Ruilan Group Holdings Limited.
Sussex House,London Road
East Grinstead, RH18 1HH
United Kingdom
Tel: +447011129529
Email: or
A very pleasant day to you. Thanks for your response to our company proposal in respect of an international representative.  Our company (Ruilan Group Holdings) was established in September, 2004 and is located in United Kingdom. With a network of international branches. We deal mainly on fashion immitation jewlery such as bracelet,necklace, anklet,ring, luggage&case,fashion bag, pvc  bag ,fireworks,hardware and other commodity . Since there is a liberal and deregulated economy in the U.  Due to the increase in demand of our  products in America,Canada, and the Entire Europe, we have decided to move our products fully into the continent of America,Canada, and the Entire Europe. By so doing, we are searching for  reliable persons/companies who can act as a DISTRIBUTOR/RECEIVING OFFICER  who will act as medium of reach between our customer and us.
Note that,if finally aprroved as our Representative,  you are entitled to annual income of $48,000USD and 10% of whatever  amount you receive from customers who are making payments for outstanding invoices on behalf of the company. All your expenses and bonuses will be pay to you based on the allocations of company’s payment/company’s transactions that pass through your official jurisdiction.
Our account officer will convey to you the medium which you will use to remit any funds received on our behalf.  However, before the transaction starts you shall assure us that you will remit the funds to us without having to create doubts and fears about your sincerity. I want you to understand that with the influx of modern technology the world has become a global village and business has to be executed on absolute trust and sincerity.
On your acceptance, please respond to this mail so we can get started with the underlisted information via
(1)Your full names,
(2)Contact address
(3)Phone/fax numbers
(6)Have you ever been in bankruptcy?
(7)Highest amount of deposit ever made.
This will be required by the company to enable us get to know you better and to avoid undue mix up. You are about to become part of us, so it will be very logical if we get acquainted with you. Through this we can earn each others trust.
Respectfully Submitted,
Ruilan Group Holdings Limited.
Email: or