Job Position

If you think this is a real job opportunity, think again.  Do you really believe that a company that you haven’t applied to and who know nothing about you would send you a random email offering you a job?  Of course not.  This is most likely a money laundering operation.  Recently a few people have been prosecuted for becoming involved with these money laundering networks.

You won’t get rich, you’ll get a stay in jail.  

Just delete the email and don’t reply.  

Welcome to Emerging Europe Monitor !

We have a vacant position “Private client manager”; in our virtual office and will be happy 
to have you work|deal with us. Specialized professional education isn’t necessary.  

Employment: Employee/ Part-time
Preferable time: 9 am ? 1 pm
Location: UK
Description: support in private services and financial assistant of 
our customers
Payment rate:  gbp 800 + 5% commission

Education and Experience:
High school, college or equivalent of education and experience

1. PS user ability 
2. UK authorized job status 
3. Adult age
4. E-mail access
5. Cell phone for urgent duties

Now you are only one step away from successful career. Interested? 

Send us Resume ONLY at e-mail:
and receive reply during 1 business day. 

Try us and you’ll be happy you did!