Letter: Over-due payment Verification // Reply urgently!!

Another scam submitted by a reader

Dear Beneficiary,

Your Over-due payment please confirm for immediate release, Get back to me immediately for necessary steps concerning your inheritance, Sequel to your none – reply of my earlier email to you dated 02/08/08. On behalf of the Trustees and Executors to your inheritance file of your deceased relation years ago, I wish to notify you that your name appeared in the Central computing system as the rightful next of kin for the unpaid beneficiary as the statement of the deceased and you entitled part payment $900,000.00 of your total inheritance fund $15Million through Western Union Money Transfer System in the spirit of Ramadan, Christmas and New Year season as authorized by Federal Reserve Bank of Nigeria.

                            SECTION  A

You are advised to re-confirm to me your details as required below to enable the release part payment $900,000.00 of your total funds worth $15Million to you as a matter of urgency with the required below details:-

(1). Re-confirm your full names:
(2). Re-confirm Contact address:
(3). Re-confirm valid Phone #:
(4). Fax:
(5). Age:
(6). Occupation:
(7). Text Question:
(8). Text Answer:

                          SECTION B

We wish to inform you based on a lot of junks mail flying over the internet and some people are using advantage to collect account information from people on internet for fraudulent purpose, that is while it was assigned and approved by International Monitory Fund (IMF) that your payment will come through Western Union Money Transfer system.

As soon as the above are provided, Federal Reserve Bank Western Union department will contact you with the Western Union Payment information to enable you cash your money daily. The amount you will be receiving per day starting from tomorrow is US$8000.00 and the MTCN number will be sending along with the Text Questions & Answers for you to receive your fund through any Western Union Location in your Country.

Regards and we are sorry for the inconvinience please bear with us.

Barr. Aham Keller