Lifestyle Claims (aka Client Connection Ltd)

This isn’t an internet scam – it’s a telephone scam, posted by a fellow member of a small email based forum I belong to.  This isn’t a round robin, hoax warning.  This was posted by a member after it actually happened to her.  I have little to add apart from her recommendation – take a look at this thread on the Money Saving Expert forum .

Don’t engage in conversation with these scammers. Just put the phone down.

This is what happened to her in her own words:

“I just had a quite unpleasant ten minute phone call on my mobile phone from a man who knew my name and address and mobile number – and wouldn’t tell me how he knew these things! He just said airily “oh, mobile numbers aren’t ex directory” but only about 8 people know my number!

This man said he was from a government related company called Lifestyle Claims and which, he claimed, is also part of the Ministry of Justice.

He claimed to get me refunds based on payment protection interest paid on mortgages/credit cards over the years, even though I’d never taken out such payment protection!!!

…………this man just would not get off my phone. I told him to get off my line.

He told me he wanted 145 pounds plus VAT to chase my ‘refund’ which he was positive I was due, and that my refund would be many hundreds, possibly a couple of thousands of pounds.

While he was talking, I somehow was able to google Lifestyle Claims. The first web page google brings up is their own, and he got very excited that I had found their website.

The second website on google is the following which is much more cautionary and tells that this is a SCAM to please do be aware if someone rings you:

….Please be aware as this seems a very current scam, and ensure you read the warnings on the money saving expert forum re LIFESTYLE CLAIMS – and never give out any money up front to claim back ‘refunds’ on PPI insurance, mortgage interest etc”

This isn’t an internet scam – it’s a telephone scam, posted by a fellow member of a small email based forum I belong to.  This isn’t a round robin, hoax warning.  This was posted by a member after it actually happened to her.  I have little to add apart from her recommendation – take a…

This isn’t an internet scam – it’s a telephone scam, posted by a fellow member of a small email based forum I belong to.  This isn’t a round robin, hoax warning.  This was posted by a member after it actually happened to her.  I have little to add apart from her recommendation – take a…

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  1. I had a phone call at least 18 months ago when I was not well saying this company could get me PPI money back I had paid on credit cards
    I told him I did not want it and I was already paying back my debts with another company that I was quite satisfied with after cutting him off he called me back and tried to bully me again so I told him the company I was with and said they know all my creditors and I still don’t want you to do anything
    then some how i got a letter with lots of forms for me top sign to get this PPI back at the time I was really poorly and did not want to look or read anything and somehow thought it was from the company I was with helping me pay my creditors back as I new they had changed there name and had informed me that nothing would change other than the name but I must have been confused so I signed all these forms for all my credit cards and sent them back I then kept getting more forms asking me for info and when I tried to get in touch I could not see a phone number on the paper work
    I called a number on the letter that the debt management company had sent me to tell me about the change and found that this other company was not them so I wrote on there mail that I was not going to send them anything and cancel any info they have on me
    a couple of weeks later I got a letter telling me they were sending me a bill for the work they had done as I was cancelling
    I panicked and said ok don’t cancel but I still don’t have any info and you said I did not need it as you would find it and I don’t think I ever took out PPI so I just sign the info and send it back but now I am getting something from them every week saying I need to answer these question or I will have to pay these fees but i don’t have dates names or anything and am frightened that they will never leave me alone
    I am even considering moving so I can get rid of them but that means selling my home and everything but its doing my head in when I did not want them in the first place
    I cant get through on a phone and am not well enough to learn how to do it on line I have written this and surprised myself but in anger and frustration and it probably wont make sense so thanks for listening any advice on where to go to get help would be nice

    1. Wendy – would you be well enough to contact the Citizens Advise Bureau? They might be able to help you. I guess you could try writing “not known at this address, return to sender” on their correspondence and just send it back? If they are repeatedly calling you, perhaps report them to Ofcom?

  2. i too was convinced and lured in by the prospect of money coming in,there are that many stories of people getting big payouts its easy to get sucked in-they originally told me i would be fully refunded whether i got money or not but when i did get money that changed to “you only get a refund if you dont get any money back”. Well i did get a payout from my bank so it has worked out just fine apart from the fact that they have my cc details.

  3. hi, paid £359.99 i dont know how stupid i was to give my ccard number over the phone for this ppi claim this man call Adam Stansfield said i have to pay in upfront and if my claim prove unsucessfull we will refund in full any administration what will happen now ????how i wil get my money back.

  4. Hi I have just seen all these comments after my mother told me about her PPI claim with life style She has paid them £1500 from her CCard i dont think she will be happy when i tell her about this looks like a trip to trading standers has any one else pay them and did u get your money back…

  5. I have just had a phonecall & a narrow escape from Lifestyle money! They cold-called me on my mobile & afteranswering some questions the first guy seemed elated that i was eligible for a refund & at that point i have to admit his excitement at the thousands of £’s heading my way had been passed onto me. He transferred me to his senior colleague who was also very happy for me & then proceded to ask me for my credit card details… when he asked me for the security number on the back i hesitated & he assured me that if they couldn’t get any money for me i would be fully refunded, he then transferred me to his Quality Control colleague who unlike the previous two, spoke extremely quickly especially when telling me what my Claim was going to cost me!! I think he said somewhere in the region of £700… when i questioned this amount he was very patronising & made me feel rather stupid that i couldnt see what a great deal this was!! He also re-iterated that my money would be fully refunded if i wasnt due a claim amount so i wouldnt be out of pocket, in fact id be thousands richer! After i hung up the phone, i felt as though i’d been kind of bullied into making a payment for something i didnt really understand & immediately called my credit card company & cancelled my card…:-(

  6. Just had a phone call from Steven Cross of Client Connection Ltd. Wanting all sorts of info and directed me onto their website to verify they were genuine. Luckily as I was talking to him I came across this forum and hung up straight away. They are very clever, very friendly and draw you right in. I normally don’t entertain these types of calls and they very nearly got me. So big thanks to everyone on here for the warnings and I am also adding mine.

  7. I have just spoken to these guys on the phone. They cold called me and I was on the phone for a long time. Everything seemed OK but it was when I had to speak to a third person that waffled on and then mentioned a deposit that I would need to pay. I had to stop him mid sentance and go back to the deposit part! He got really assertive with me and I had to really lose my temper and make him tell me what the deposite bit was. I really felt as if he was trying to bully me into not getting caught up with the deposit. I had no idea until this part of the phone call that they required a deposite upfront, that is before you even recieve any paper work!! I told him I was NOT going to do that and I wam NOT going to pay up a deposit of £700 to someone over the phone. It all seemed a bit dodgy. They have my credit card details so I have just cancelled my card from my credit card supplyer so they can’t use it.I have looked at the website they gave me and then came onto this forum and now I have read all these comments I am sure they are not for real. I felt like the guy on the phone was cross with me and I had to remind him that I am the customer and if I have a question he needs to listen to me and answer it without trying to move onto the next part of the long info he was telling me. I think they keep you on the phone a long time so you dont pick up the small details at the end of the call.

    I am not happy at all!!!! Don’t waste your time with these people, they lie and try and get money off you up front. Not good!!

  8. I too had a call today saying that I had good news ..i was expected to receive £20,000 for 10 claims against credit cards and mortgages for PPI . I don’t even remember ever getting offered it or paying it. Then the guy at the end of the phone started asking me about my credit cards, expiry dates and the credit limits on my cards. He asked me which card I would like the money taken off…I thought he was talking about the money i would receive back until I questioned him further to discover he wanted to take £3000 off my credit card to cover legal costs etc…if my settlements were less than that i would get the money back. He said i just needed to make the minimum payment each month. At no point had anyone said I would have to pay for anything upfront. I insisted that I was not happy and would not agree to paying up front for something that I wasn’t guaranteed to get back and my finances are so tight that i cant afford monthly payments on £3000. He proceeded to argue with me and finally gave up as i wouldn’t budge and said that they would just take the money at the end and that he had wasted a phone call. I am however now concerned they will try to take the money without my permission as they have my details. My credit card company says that they can still charge the card even if I cancel it! So don’t know what to do. Could do with some advice as I am now quite worried.

    1. Diane – none of the commenters here have mentioned approaching Trading Standards. Maybe you should try phoning your local office and see what they have to say.

  9. I’ve had a call from a Richard last week giving pretty much the spiel that most other people have had. I asked for info through post and he said they don’t do that, they can only send via e-mail, i gave him my e-mail address and he asked me to hold as he said he’d have to get someone else to e-mail it as he didn’t have e-mail on his laptop (i mean computer he quickly corrected)??!!!
    He said whilst it was going through he’d take my details to speed the process up later. The first thing was my address, when i asked why he needed it when he was e-mailing the forms he said it would be completed and the forms would have all the details in, i asked how could they be completed when his colleague had just sent them, shouldn’t he have took this info first, he gave some waffle but seemed stressed. He then needed my Date of Birth & National Insurance number, i said i wouldn’t give these over the phone and asked why he needed them, he said it was to verify my address and card details. He kept mentioning the MOJ website but i said i’m at work and can’t view it, i would look when i got home.
    Once home he rang back and i said i haven’t received the e-mail, he said “not a problem it’s probably still going through the system” (3.5 hours)???!!!!. He then said it’s not a problem he can put as much info on as possible now and can update later when they get the forms back but they would just need to take the card details now to “guarantee” the claim.
    I said until i got hard and fast evidence in writing i wouldn’t be giving any info over the phone from which he got stroppy and said he’d have to ring me back later after the e-mail “gets through”,
    it’s been all weekend and i haven’t had a call, probably moved on to someone else not as scepticle, my advice is let all your friends & neighbours know about this and do it yourself, thanks to this forum i know i am.

  10. I’ve recieved two calls, which were fairly aggressive, and i refused to talk to them, which was met with the response of being MOJ licensed. Sadly this gives them an air of being legitimate. My natuaral sceptism says do not trust anyone who approaches you unsolicited promising golden riches as they are often ‘false prophets’ and charlatans, and would recommend others to do the same.

  11. Omg they got me today I have paid over £700 on my credit card they rang me at work and I rushed into it like a bloody idiot when usually I check it out and never and I mean never give any info over the phone but this time I did I have just read all the feedback about this company and they all say scam I rang my credit card company and they carnt stop it cause it’s gone out so now I will have to ring them in the morning and try to cancel I have signed nothing yet so that’s good my credit card company says they have 28 days to pay it back to me then they will act on my behalf and contest I have not had a service I have paid for be warned stupid cow could kick myself lesson learned

  12. I just had a call from a very nice man from Lifestyle Claims, who tried his best to convince me that the company is legitimate – he showed me the Justice website and gave me the contact details of the company in Swansea, plus his direct dial number and his full name. I don’t doubt that he is a very nice person and I appreciate that he is just doing his job. However things he said just didn’t all ring true and despite trying very hard to convince me to pay £359.98 up front to cover costs for Legal services, I asked for all the information to be sent to me by post so that I could look into the claim myself before taking up their services.

    He was polite at all times, but I felt that there was a slight change in his manner when I made it clear that I wouldn’t be paying anything over the phone today.

    I am concerned that the information I provided to him could be used against me fraudulently. I didn’t give him any details about my credit card, apart from it’s expiry date and now I’m wondering why he needed it? Should I cancel my card? I’m definitely reporting the company.

  13. Hi ,l have used the services of lifestyle claims,they have just sent me final invoice.what I would like to no is how many people were told that they would get they administrative fee back whether the claim was successful or not and were not told there was 20% vat to add on to the 30% fee and was any one else conned in letting them take nearly 3000 pounds off they visa card for a priority service which I cancelled as I though it was a scam.would like to no from any former employees if it was common practice for the salesman to totally lie just to get the sale .look forward to hear from anyone.

  14. Forgot to mention that Matthew ended the call to my colleague by saing “Did anyone ever tell Miss Smoth just how much she can claim?” If he’d listened to the calls surely he’d know that??

    Power selling to the end! Scum bag.

  15. *UPDATE* After receiving my email a guy called “Matthew” called me and was so rude and obnoxious to me the entire call. At no point did he mention the legal requirement of a 2 week cooling off period (I brought this up myself) and he flat out ignored my demands for copies of the so called recordings they took of me agreeing to have them rip me off for £719+!!

    Tellingly when I’d asked him how he felt ripping off innocent people his reponse was “We haven’t ripped anyone off, they were obviously stupid enough not to realise what they were agreeing to” How’s that for customer service?! I was pretty distraught and angry by this point and at no point did he try to calm me down or comfort me – he just seemed to want to break me down even more so that I would agree to drop my case against them – fat chance!!

    A colleaugue took over the call as I was too upset to continue (the only reason I spoke to them was because my bank said I needed to give them chance to refund me – yeah right!!) Matthew continued to shout and be damn right arrogant and rude to her too. But she demanded that he send me the forms to fill in for a complete refund…

    When this arrived a few days later it wasn’t dated and actually said something along the lines of “We will refund you £0”!!!! Needles to say, I did not fill this in and took it to the bank with all of my other evidence and crime reference number.

    I won’t rest until this company is brought to task over this blatant flaunting of the rules.

    When you check on the companies house website it’s obvious they have something to hide when you check just how often and how many times they’ve changed their name.

    Their facebook page shows them playing pool and the page has a complaint on it too (surprise, surprise) It made me laught that it only has one ‘like’ and I bet that was from one of their low life employees.

    The sooner the MOJ strikes them off, the better!

  16. I was telephoned today by this company, who when I asked how they had got my phone number, were vague in the extreme. Without knowing the amount of loans etc that I had taken out, they were promising that large sums would be returned to me. They constantly repeated themselves, and when I gave them the Alpha postcode for my address, they failed to understand. Their main interest was to extricate from me my card details, and when I demurred I was spoken to by another employee, who was even more persuaisive in trying to prise personal banking information. When I persisted in telling them that I was away from my house and didn’t have the details with me, they said they would ring me tomorrow. Needless to say, I shall not be taking their call.

  17. I was called by one of the lifestyle members that seemed to know about a loan ect i took out, then started going on about how much im entitled to on ppi on loans and credit card.The guy i soke to stated going on about credit control and cost of £299 per claim will be required, little did i know they would take payment straight away, and they took 2 payments. They are clever in the way they ask for the payment more and less you do not understand what they go on about and then in the end they tell you that you agreed to the payments. 3 weeks later i get another call to say the claim is looking good and again more bullshite about how they need another payment of £700 pounds to cover legal costs and incase i got the money and run off and not pay them 30% of the entitlement. Again i am seriously doubting this company, i have called them several times, yet to be told no updates and still in the process, its been 3months now and i have was told to make only minium payments on credit cards, which i am not, i already had a set ammount and now beacuse i was guliable i am paying interest on thses payments lifestyle took out. Why should we pay extra money for a service they havent provided yet and surely they should not be talking payments untill a claim has been successful, well i hope this teaches others to be careful and dont get sucked in like i did.

  18. I got a call from Lifestyle UK whilst at work yesterday. Welsh guy, very hard to understand, lots of background noise. Very agressive pushy manner also. I switched my phone off and he was still shouting my name down the phone – scary !!! I warned everyone at work about them

  19. I have just had a nroow escape from these guys. At no point did they say that I would have to pay anything at all as it was “No win, No fee” Now today they have called leaving me a voicemail saying what the “deposit reference numbers” would be that they would be taking from my credit card!!! I was suspicious of them by the end of yesterdays call as they started saying I had a claim and then getting things wrong. Then they said I’d have to split the share between myself and my ex husband but as I was passed to the “Legal department” a man called “Jamie Barr” AKA “The only Scottish one in a Welsh Call Centre” He then said as long as my ex hadn’t claimed, then I could have everything.

    I have now fired off a very stern email threatening them that I’ll involve the Financial Standards Authority, barred their number and cancelled my current credit card.

    Total scum bags – I don’t know how they can rip off inncocent people and sleep at night!

  20. I received a couple of phone calls by a lovely man by the name of David Gallivan stating how I could claim back money from previous, loans,credit cards, overdraft facilities, debit cards, expired cards, expired loans, ppi, bank charges. The list went on the things I could claim for. I was also told that the company LifeStyle Claims was of only 3 existing companies in the Uk that could offer this service and that as a duty from the Ministry of Justice, they were giving the regulated duty of helping the poor people that have been ripped off by banks and lenders since 1996 get all their money back from the banks and lenders, guaranteed!!! He was such a lovely chap that I warmed to him!! Anyway, the first conversation I did not pick up anything untoward. It was the second conversation after he said to check the company out, of which I did not have time to do, but I did it whilst we were talking, and of course after checking out the sites, I had reservations as to their validity. They directed me to the site to Lifestyle Claims and a CRM no that was on the ministry of justice website.

    After arranging a second conversation, I totally twigged when he kept repeating things over and even asking me to write things down that was already documented on an email that at first I did not receive and then finally received, and whilst he was talking and repeating, I went on to continue checking things out only to see that there were many names associated and limited companies set up against the same address, but none by the name Lifestyle Claims.
    Normally anything financial, is connected to the Financial Services Authority when dealing with mortgage loans and banks, no? So is Lifestyle Claims FSA regulated, or are they a bunch of sales advisers, not giving advice, but just telling you what they can get reclaimed for you for a grand total of £299.00? I guess the latter,which means there would be no guarantee, and each sales call to them will cost anything from £150 – £1,000. I might also add, that cleverly they go round in circles asking the same questions and in between this they manage to weed out how much money you have left on your credit cards and proceed to charge a figure that you would need to find upfront before they proceed. I can almost picture a chart of figures in front of what they charge against the total you say you have left on your card. Should you then object to parting with money upfront they then tell you that you can pay in installments from your credit card and you can also claim this money back from the bank.
    It was at this point that I switched off, or switched on to heavy sounding alarm bells that were thumping in my ears and chest, telling me THIS IS A SOFT SCAM (a bit like loose stool) BUILT ON SALES TECHNIQUES!!! Well, considering that I have found this website, and I am sure they will be avidly reading this message, and they will get the message that I will not be entertaining this again.

  21. I have just had a call from these hooligans, they said they could give me a refund on my Credit Card agreement from 12 years ago.. They knew my name and my address and had my mobile number. Obviously they hadn’t done their homework too well as 12 years ago.. I was 8.
    When I called back to complain, I was hung up on once and had a ‘prank call style’ voice talking jibberish to me the second time. I’m absolutely fuming that these people can call your mobile and harass people.

  22. I had a phone call from a man called Liam Jones today from Lifestyle and he went on and on and so so so stupidly, I got sucked in. As Shirley Lescott stated, they wanted £719.00 upfront – thankfully I only had £350.00 to give which I’ve been straight onto ccard company now trying to block. The £719 fee only came in at the very end of the conversation. Technically, if anyone got back even £2,000.00 by the time you take off their 30%+vat (£720) then the £719.00 your only left with £561.00, meaning they are actually taking just over 70% of money that was conned out of you in the first place.

    Is there any decent companies to fight this on your behalf and who don’t charge 70% fees? I’ve no objection to 30% fees as that seems fair for the work involved.

  23. I have also been bullied and I mean bullied, into taking out a claim from this low life company 21/2 years ago. I cannot get through when I ring, spoke to very rudely, no help what so ever, no customer service provided, not sure they know what it is. They claim they are still waiting for paperwork, also had a duplication form to complete. I agree with other comments. How are these people still aloud to trade????????????

  24. apparently they provide a no win, no fee service. is this is true? i have received my forms but thought id check out the forums b4 i send them off. they mentioned the 300pnds up front deal but i told them im nt interested. they then memtion the no win, no fee service. is this still a scam

  25. have used lifestyle claims i had 3 claims with them (feb 2011), one of the first things they wanted was £299 per claim up front which they claimed i would get back at the end. The first claim was sucsessful i was offered £1000 which out of that a third was taken for there fees etc. that took a year to prosess. a ferther 2 months later i was told that the 2 other claims had failed and they would return the money which i had payed up front I am still waiting for it (april 2012) all this time i have been paying interest on my credit card which they advised me just to make the minimum payment on ! all in all a poorly run rip off company. my advice DON’T TOUCH THEM WITH A BARGE POLE.

    By adrianl207 at 21:15 on 02/04/12

  26. To SHIRLEY & Nic get the momey charged back to your card asap- they trade on fringes of the law I WORKED THERE for ^ months & you are being ripped off 🙁

  27. I cancelled my credit card cos these people managed to convince me they needed these details in order to confirm my address so they could send me my pack.
    I have received the pack today,
    After my conversation with lifestyle claims I looked them up on google and realised they charged about 300quid so rang them straight back as to which some guy answered and it sounded like he had the tv on, I told him that I was told there was no charge and he confirmed this saying they were trial running some cases free!,

  28. I have just received a call from LifeStyle Claims and was charged £719. It seemed to be done so quickly. It was never mentioned until the very last minute. I also sent them an e-mail virtually straight away cancelling it. I had a phone call to try and convince me that I would not get the money they quoted on my own. I was unsure as to how they could quote a figure with little details. What do you suggest I do? As I paid by credit card I presume I can just call my credit card company and tell them to cancel it. I am certainly within the 14 day limit. I have not received any paperwork. So have not signed anything. So really they should not take my money. But I presume they already have.

  29. I should also add that Im guilty of having made some good money at times helping them con other people on the phone- Im defo no hero but they are at least guilty of over-selling & at worst of fraud- I will let trading standards decide with the evidence I give them 🙂

  30. by the way Sarahs comment is very suspect training lasts 4 days– not 3 weeks– I suspect that is yet another cover up attempt by themselves!

  31. note they will state all complaints are from disgruntled former staff members– they seem to have a lot of former disgruntled staff members then !! Truth is – is their claim right or is it that some get sick of seeing what they do to people and then report it as once you spot it as an employee– you either have to stay lieing or be decent??!! I was warned to say nothing a week after my final pay– I will advise trading standards for sure– they are scum and deserve to go down- not cos of me having worked there- for the lies they tell and people they rip off!!

  32. I worked there for 6 months– both of stuart mac & chris work there- stuart is not very bright & his brother works there also– he is a defo staff member– they are totally as a company a legalised rip off– i was on inbound & out bound sales and took lots of calls in my last few weeks to those who cancelled and cldnt get their money back– they were deferred to a number which no-one answered- they sack a member of staff or so every week to try & appease ministry of justice as if they have controls and get some money back for some as a ‘flag-story’ to show ministry of Justice– I was warned a week after I left to not tell anyone what they do– I have myself received calls from Lifestyle claims who change their name every few months due to web forums and true reports. many forums do just attract moaners- but this company really does rip off most people and many lies are told– I will report this further to M O J- after getting their calls again today it is time they were stopped 🙂

  33. I am an ex employee of life style claims. I first of all want to mention that they do not treat their staff fairly. As regards to their services i wish i could say they are scam artists but they simply arent. I was put through 3 weeks of intense training and research. What they claim is true. They base the amount you may potentially be refunded on averages per a claim. Even if you didnt opt for ppi on your financial agreements 85% of mortages, loans and credit cards have them included as standard. and thats backed by which consumer magazine. the long wait for refunds is due to the high volume of cases gong through to the legal team and can sometimes take a while to verify the paperwork is there and that you had made a payment. and as far as saying you can do it your self. yes simple answer you can. but lenders are dragging out giving people their payments and even if they do give a refund its not normally the full entitled amount. They are basically hoping their court appeal against the ruling of them having to pay out goes through. at the end of the day the banks are as skint as us and are trying to keep as much money to them selves as they can. as for the fee when i left it was £395 + Vat. tbh i have seen where that fee goes. the legal team isnt the largest about 20 odd people. considering most client have 4 financial agreements and they have to go though one with a fine tooth comb i agree with the fee. and people saying they got £20 odd back and had to pay back £9 s ridiculous. i had to make numerous calls to customers saying unfortunaltly you wernt eleigible for a claim over £600 so we will fully refund you unfront fee which they did.
    as much as i hate to say it they are a good company and have helped a lot of people.
    they treat their staff like crap and pay is crap also this is why i have written this because the advisors get the blame for the bad reviews and its not fair on them they just doing their job.
    P,s steve mac does work there
    + chris beck

  34. I started with cento client review in 2009 ,paid £149.99 and waited and waited and forgot ,then I rang ,they kept promising to ring back ,I rang about every 6months or so ,then last year when I rang they sent me new forms to fill out and I did signing all but I could not fill them out as they made me feel mentally ill ,so I wrote this on the form and sent them back ,there were further phone calls and they kept asking me to ring back next month, I realised too that the company name had changed . My lenders then got in touch with an offer ,one being £139.99 the other being £10,000 ! I have received the smaller amount and lifestyle claims have sent me an invoice , they are asking for 30% + vat ,why vat ? on my money? please explain , and I am not happy with 30% .What should I do ? I am losing sleep over this .

  35. You guys really are unbelieveable!! get a life (preferablly a job too) stop bitching on forums and find something better to do with your time! Regulations and MOJ licences are in place for a specific purpose…..To ensure GOOD practise and compliance! if any rules were broken, no licence would be in place!

    Enjoy yourselves Fockers!!

    1. Have you noticed the amazing grasp of English displayed by all the (so called) supporters of Lifestyle. Take a look at BigBalls, Gordon Gekko, Chris Becket and Stuart Mac.

      Note: To whichever employee of Lifestyle is making these posts. If you want to convince the world that you are a reputable organisation, you have a very strange way of trying to prove it!

  36. Has anybody got an email address for lifestyle claims trying to cancel but cant get through on the phone. Been on hold for over 20 mins.

  37. Your name is honest Chris but you speak bollocks! but weird isnt it! Ministry Of Justice go there its called claims management regulation u thick shit do your research first before you comment!dministrative Justice and Tribunals Council
    Court Funds Office
    Claims Management Regulation
    Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority
    Criminal Cases Review Commission
    Commission on a Bill of Rights
    HM Courts & Tribunals Service
    HM Inspectorate of Prisons
    HM Inspectorate of Probation
    HM Prison Service
    Independent Monitoring Board
    Judicial Appointments and Conduct Ombudsman
    Law Commission
    Legal Services Board
    Legal Services Commission
    Legal Services Consumer Panel
    Legal Services Research Centre
    Legal Ombudsman
    Ministry of Justice
    National Offender Management Service
    Office of the Public Guardian
    Official Solicitor and Public Trustee
    Parole Board
    Prisons and Probation Ombudsman
    Probation Service
    Victims’ Commissioner
    Youth Justice Board
    theres your list of ministry of justice organisations
    so not just the ones you mentioned! its a good job your not a solicitor because you wouldnt win a case you dont know anhything about what your talking about! the license is there for your protection! you lot are just the ignorant percent of the uk that needs to put there hand up there squirts and find there balls as these companies are trying to help you get some money back but you lot are so stuck in the old fashion ways scared of your own shadows! busy bodies who only care about digging and digging and digging! money back guarantee! and even for some bizarre reason you dont get your money back if you pay on credit card you have credit card indemnity! so just grow up! kids aye

    1. Am I the only one who can see a similarity between this comment left by “Gordon Gekko” and the one left earlier by “Stuart Mac”?
      If these comments are typical of the language and approach used by Lifestyle Claims and their associates, I can see why so many people are unhappy with them.

  38. I had a call from 2 different people claiming to help reclaim the interest back from, credit cards, mortgage and loans as far back as 20 years. During the call I was asked to give details of the date of issue from one of my credit cards to see whether this falls into the varying rules the credit card company’s make up as a new card is issued. Instantly I tell them I had to leave the house, like 5 minutes ago. Does that stop this caller ”NO” they just continue talking to you as though if you hang up, you could miss out on an opportunity which will benefit you. Absolute bullies. Do not fall for this, it’s a wonder how they got my mobile details too.

  39. I had a lenghty conversation with a welshman from Lifestyle Cliams. He actually talked a load of rubbish. No Win no Fee yet i am supposed to part with over £300 of my hard earned money. If they were so good at getting money back they should do it for free THEN take out their cut. They tell me it is 70% for me 30% for them load of bull. He was as excited as a cat gettibng the cream…not this sucker all he got was sour cream BEWARE of this company….It stinks they should be closed down or regulated correctly……Save your money as you will never get it back….

  40. the dumbest scam ever….they don’t know anything when they call you and suddenly they establish your claim is worth thousands of pounds.they bullshit loads of jargon, which doesn’t make any sense.guys you need to do a little more homework before you can really master this scam.please stay away from these suckers.

  41. Oh and I can spell but the iPad corrects things wrongly and I’m infuriated….thankfully that did not correct to I fumigated!

  42. Lifestyle claims is a scam… They will be closed down in 12 months! keep all your money and declare themselves bankrupt! Yes they have a good website, however I can make a website in under 30 minutes and put it online too.

    The sales pitch we had was full of holes and full of lies.

    1. They said that they would get all interest charges from mortgages and credit cards, and that the charges were illegal and unfair. However I knowing entered into the agreement with the credit companies!

    2. They said that I would be entitled to over £3500 in claimed back charges, however they have no idea how many charges, if any, have been charged to me. Alarm bells ringing.

    3. Told to pay £350 up front! Alarm bells ringing.

    4. They got my details from a friend who had already paid them and they called me 20 minutes later. 8 googled them. I’m a fanatical adviser and all the details they had given me were incorrect. They prey on the week and sorry to say. Stupid.

    5. I told my friend to call back and get a refund, they cut him off 3 times and then ‘Steve’ was out of the office.

    6. He quoted their terms and conditions about the 14 day cooling off period and they said that they could not refund yet and a letter had to sent to them advising off the cancelation….I guess that they think you will miss then14 day cooling off period.

    How is it they can claim to get you £3500 back in charges but cannot even refund your own money from them….WHY….cause they are scammers.

    If you use any common sense you will not use this company.

    In response to the other replies that claim that this company is reputable, they work for them, they have an invested interest to back up the company.

    “The Ministry of Justice has responsibility for different parts of the justice system – the courts, prisons, probation services and attendance centres. We work in partnership with the other government departments and agencies to reform the criminal justice system, to serve the public and support the victims of crime.

    We are also responsible for making new laws, strengthening democracy, and safeguarding human rights.”

    They are not financial regulatory bodies!!!!!! They will not help you get your money back from these scam artists.

    I hope this at least saves someone from These people who pray on the old, single mothers and the stupid.

    I will make a web site now condemning them. That will be worth the £7.50 set up fee!

  43. i took on the services of this company and after looking online didnt like what ppl were saying about them, called to cancel and refunded my money straight away


  45. There seems to be some hysteria here. When I was called, the salesperson claimed that all mortgages were sold with PPI which they will claim back for me.

    I took on their services and did my own research in the meantime. I found out my mortgages were not sold with PPI, so there was nothing they could do for me. I called them up, told them this and cancelled our agreement and they refunded me 4 weeks later as promised. No big deal.

  46. like sea shells i`v been a stupid there phone me 2yrs ago and i paid them 220pds and when i phone i get told someone will phone me back there don`t and there keep sending me forms to fill in there all the same forms.There keep telling me it`s in the hands of there solicitors i just whis now i look them up on this website now i never got any money back

  47. I am a 59 year old single woman and I live with my 83 year old mother. Our combined income is small but sufficient.
    In brief; two years ago, I had never heard of PPI so when on 7th October 2009, I was ‘cold’ called by a young man by the name of Adam Carsley working for a company called Cento Client Review (Compensation Claims Specialists) I listened with interest; which ultimately cost me dear.
    Adam and I had a very long conversation about my past financial situation. I told him that I had moved house three times after my divorce and that it would be virtually impossible for me to find any information about insurances, banks, mortgages, loans, credit cards etc from that far back! However, I agreed ultimately (after some hard persuasion… call it bullying if you like) to pay the £149.99 fee for the claim forms that I had to complete that would enable the company’s solicitors to work on my behalf. I was told, categorically, that my fee would be refunded if Cento were unable to make any successful claims on my behalf.
    Some days later, I received the forms in the post and my initial reaction, briefly looking at the content of them (and not reading any further,) was total confusion and dismay but I began a search for information anyway. As I thought the case might be, I found no paperwork that would be relevant or useful to Cento to enable them to work on my behalf. I returned the forms having filled in as much information as possible, and ultimately giving them 12 ‘leads’ with further cheque payments for searches, and a covering letter.
    On 14th December 2009, after 3 emails and one surface letter accompanying the claim forms I telephoned Cento’s customer services number for the 3rd time; (the first and second times I was told that someone would call me back, but no one ever did,) asking when I would receive my £149.99 refund. I was then asked to call another department on another number! Why had I not been asked to call this number before?? So, I spoke to a lady by the name of Kirsty who said she is the ‘first point of contact’ and I could call her at any time. I asked when I would be receiving my refund and she proceeded to provide information that was completely new to me… i.e. as I had missed the 14 day cooling off period for returning the documents I had forfeited my opportunity to receive the refund! The covering letter (which incidentally does not state the 14 day cooling off period) for the claim forms was dated the 07-10-09 which is the day I paid the fee. I am absolutely sure that the letter did not arrive the day after and if it arrived the day after that I would be surprised. So I can count on at least a 2 day discrepancy in my 14 day cooling off option. Something else that I was unaware of came as a further blow during my conversation with Kirsty as I was certainly NOT told by Adam Carsley during his original telephone call that if their solicitors were successful in making a claim on my behalf, 30% of it would go to them, but it is there in the proverbial ‘small print’! Now, if this information were forthcoming during my initial conversation I would have been just as flabbergasted then as I was that day and would have immediately said that I did not want to partake in this scheme (and I have to say, scheme is absolutely the best word to use on this occasion) … 30%!!!! Therefore, they are saying that if, for example, my claim was worth £12,000, I would be giving away to their solicitors £4,000 of my money!! Or, if they had recovered £30,000 I would be giving away £10,000??
    Nearly 2 years to the day… I have been advised that my bank paid a sum of £26.50 into my credit card account in May and Lifestyle Claims want £9.38 of it! What was the £149.99 for that I paid initially???!
    I actually received a rare phone call from a woman at Lifestyle demanding the £9.38 and threatening to take me to court if I didn’t pay it, because I had signed the document which allowed them to take 30% of any claim that is refunded to me. I asked her to take it out of the £149.99 but she gave me a lot of waffly bollocks about why they couldn’t do that!
    I have subsequently heard from my bank that the last and final claim for a credit card is worthless and PPI cannot be traced for it. It will now be interesting to see whether I do actually receive a refund of my £149.99!!!
    How stupid was I!!!

  48. Con artists, who cold call people and offer to re-claim their PPI for a high upfront fee. In fact, you can re-claim your own PPI without paying any fee.
    They also trade as Lifestyle Claims, Client Connection Ltd and Cento Client Management.
    Here’s a link to their Facebook group
    Here’s an e-mail address:
    And another e-mail address:
    Here’s a website:

  49. Following my previous comments made on this site dated the 24th August,re Lifestyle Claims.
    I can now confirm that i have at last received my long awaited cheque,banked it and it has cleared into my account.
    So as promised i now say SORRY to Lifestyle for doubting them,but would add if they took more time in replying to their clients it would not create the doubt which occured in my mind,that i was being lead up the garden path!
    (Chris Becks you no nothing)

  50. mr brennan you need to ring there customer service number and chase it up. excactly the same thing happens when u put in a accident claim through your car insurance company for injurys! you wait for a year some times. the banks are ass holes there taking there time dont blame lifestyle how on earth could they be a scam when they are fully regulated by a governing body! please you ignorent idiots of winging british public need to stop being complete girls and relax get in contact and u will get your wonga! nuff said

  51. I have read the so called comment made from Stuart Mac dated the 16th August.I for my sins took on the services of Lifestyle Claims last September,and was sold a very good pitch by one of there sales team of there services.For the last 6 weeks i have been chaseing up my refund with no avail,after numerous contact with different members of there staff,all telling me my cheque would be on its way in 30 days!I like probaly many more suckers checked them out on the internet,and saw and thought they were a bonifide Company,and now find out to my cost that it is a scam!Stuart Mac must be a employer the way he supports them,you never know i might yet have to retract my comments if i ever get my money back but i doubt it.

  52. honestly when i say this but some of u guys really havent got a clue ! if a company is regulated by a goverment body such asa the MOJ(ministry of justice)then they hav strict regulations to adhere to ! So the bottom line is if u r too lazy like most people r to do these claims urself then my advice is to use a company like this ! regardless of what others may say 70% of something is far better than 100% of nothing so u people that r guessing about whether or not lifestyle is real or scam use ur brains and think to urself, if that is the truth all those customers that hav taken the service up, y is it they arent on here kicking off stating they have maxed their customers cards ?

  53. i used to work for those cowboys and they are miss selling to there customers i thought when i started they was a good company untill i found out what they was all about i warn people do not be fooled by these total con artists

  54. hello my name is ahmad you rang me 4 weeks ago you say you want to help me and when i find out you not helping any1 you just rep me off 300pds on my credits card because of your company bank charged me 300pds onb the top i dont need your help actually i want as soon as poissible return that money on my accounts your collect call me she lies too much she told me your company belong to government your record everything if you dont want to the money as soon as poissible i will send 1000pds to take you to court and i will write watchdog as well please i dont need your help put the money back as soon as poissible i did not receive any letter from you for 4 weeks ago i dont need any help from your company you destroyed my life i own 600pds to the bank because of you

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