Lifestyle Claims (aka Client Connection Ltd)

This isn’t an internet scam – it’s a telephone scam, posted by a fellow member of a small email based forum I belong to.  This isn’t a round robin, hoax warning.  This was posted by a member after it actually happened to her.  I have little to add apart from her recommendation – take a look at this thread on the Money Saving Expert forum .

Don’t engage in conversation with these scammers. Just put the phone down.

This is what happened to her in her own words:

“I just had a quite unpleasant ten minute phone call on my mobile phone from a man who knew my name and address and mobile number – and wouldn’t tell me how he knew these things! He just said airily “oh, mobile numbers aren’t ex directory” but only about 8 people know my number!

This man said he was from a government related company called Lifestyle Claims and which, he claimed, is also part of the Ministry of Justice.

He claimed to get me refunds based on payment protection interest paid on mortgages/credit cards over the years, even though I’d never taken out such payment protection!!!

…………this man just would not get off my phone. I told him to get off my line.

He told me he wanted 145 pounds plus VAT to chase my ‘refund’ which he was positive I was due, and that my refund would be many hundreds, possibly a couple of thousands of pounds.

While he was talking, I somehow was able to google Lifestyle Claims. The first web page google brings up is their own, and he got very excited that I had found their website.

The second website on google is the following which is much more cautionary and tells that this is a SCAM to please do be aware if someone rings you:

….Please be aware as this seems a very current scam, and ensure you read the warnings on the money saving expert forum re LIFESTYLE CLAIMS – and never give out any money up front to claim back ‘refunds’ on PPI insurance, mortgage interest etc”