“Lee Smith” writes to me from Abuja in Nigeria to tell me he is the CEO of a loan company in Essex (UK).  That seems unlikely to me – it’s rather a long way to commute to the office and cost of the flights would be rather expensive I would have thought.

Loan scammers, as I’ve said elsewhere on this site, aren’t “the sharpest tools in the shed” (ie, they’re stupid!!)  This one is no exception.  He isn’t intending to loan you anything, what he’s intending to do is to take your money from you to pay his “fees”.

Company Address: 32 Spring Road,
Chelmsford, Essex, AW6 1AW.

Dear Borrower,

I’m Mr. Lee Smith the President and Chief Executive Officer of DANNAC

We are here to announce to you that we are giving out a cheap loan at 4%
interest rate available for local and international borrowers. We are well
certified, trustworthy, reliable, efficient, Fast and dynamic and a
co-operate financier for real Estate and any kinds of business finances,
we give out long term loan for 5 to 30 years maximum. We offer the
following kinds of loans and many more; $20,000.00USD Minimum up to a
maximum of $50,000,000.00USD to $200,000,000.00USD with World Class
standard facilities and to make sure that the funds gets into your bank
account in the next 24hours, we offer the following kinds of loan:

* Personal Loans
* Student Loan
* Business Loans
* Consolidation Loan
* Combination Loan
* Home Enhancement
* Car Loan

Please if you are interested kindly fill the form below for more information:

First Name: _________________
Surname: __________________
Last Name: ________________
Sex: ___________________
Date of Birth: ___________________
Marital Status: ___________________
Contact Address: _________________
Tel: ______________________________
Country: _____________________
Occupation: ____________________
Monthly Income: ___________________
Loan Amount Needed: _____________
Loan Duration: _____________


Mr. Lee Smith,
(President and Chief Executive Officer)