Loan Offer at 2%

“Mr Tony Philip” is one mixed up scammer.  He can’t even get his story right.  Does he work for DHG, or does he work for the Royal Bank of Cardiff – the what??  There is no such thing as the Royal Bank of Cardiff.  And “Mr Philips” or “Mrs cecilia akoa” isn’t Welsh, or even British.  If she really is a secretary she should be sacked immediately – her typing and spelling are atrocious and she can’t even write properly in English.

Why can’t “she” write in English?  Because she or he isn’t English.  This is a scammer.  This scammer doesn’t want to lend you money, he (or she) wants to take money from you by charging you fees.  Delete the email and don’t reply.


Hello! in the midst of financial fraudsters there are still legitimate loan
ders who give genuine loans to persons in all parts of the world.
Are you looking for a safe and trustworhty loan lender? who will help you out
of your financial problems, do you have a very bad credit and can not secure
loans from banks and you have been wondering how to get out of your financial
problems. Do you want loans at a very minimal rate which is pocket
friendly,then think no further as DHG private loan firm in collaboration with
Amstel Bank offers you this opportunity in this financial programmes. Offering
loans at a very minimal rate of 3% interest rate and the first 100 applicants
will get their loans at 2% interest rate and also two months grace period.

If you need that financail solutions and you are interested in the loan offer,
hurry now while offer last and contact the processing manager via the
email and name stated below:
Name : Mr. Tony Philip
Also send the following to enable your loan processes to you in a couple of
Your Full Name :
Amount Needed As The Loan :
Duration To Pay Back The Loan :
Purpose Of The Loan :
Phone Number :
Country :
State :
Occupation :
Address :
Best Regards,
mrs cecilia akoa
If you wish not to receive such email again, please don not reply