I decided to add a page especially for loan scammers.  They seem to be the thickest and/or most stupid of all the scammers.  Why?  Because they come to this site and add their own scam loan offers as comments on the scam loan posts!

You’d think the fact that this site is called “Scammers and Phishers”, plus the fact that the posts they are commenting on are about scam loans, would give them a clue.  But apparently it doesn’t.

So, for my amusement and purely to embarrass all loan scammers who, apparently, are unable to read – here are the scam loan offers that have been left as scams.

If you need a loan, NEVER reply to someone who sends you an unsolicited email. Most of them are scammers. Approach your bank or local credit union, or research genuine loan companies, such as this one. Make sure you are fully aware of any charges and the interest rate you will be paying.

It’s now Oct 2012 and yet another thick loan scammer, with an obvious inability to read, has left their scam loan offer as a comment.  (I love loan scammers, they make this page what it is)

If u need a reliable and genuine loan help,and don’t want to be a victim of scam,I think this is for you.All posts of loan lenders giving loans on-line especially on these sites are SCAMS..The referrals here as well are bunch of scammers.Don’t contact them for your own good.This is a story of how I was ripped off my hard earned cash by some idiots on-line that calls themselves lenders and how I finally got my financial freedom from a God sent loan officer within 36 hours at just 5% as interest.For more info and interest,email me via “kenshawwjeannexxxxxx@gmail.com”

June is clearly a good month for loan scammers.  It’s only the 7th of June and here’s this month’s second scammer, leaving his scam as a comment:

Do you need a personal loan to pay off your bills or for your own personal needs if so I am here to inform you that my company is offering loan to people who need financial assistance so if you know you are that person kindly get back to us fOR more information.


First Name:_____________________


Marital status:_________________

Contact Address:________________

City/Zip code:__________________


Date of Birth:__________________

Amount Needed as Loan:__________

Loan Duration:__________________

Monthly Income/Yearly Income:___


Purpose for Loan:_______________

House Phone:____________________

Cell Phone:_____________________

Have you apply for a loan before?_________________

How did you hear about us?________________________

please reply us via this email:rickdonaldfinancialcompany001@gmail.com


Mr. Rick Donald ..

It’s now June – and here’s the latest thick scammer who apparently can’t read and so has left his scam loan offer as a comment.  (I wonder why it’s just loan scammers that do this???)

Hello ,I Am Mr.mathew A legit loan lender.Are you into debts? Do
you have a bad credit?Are you financially down.I give out loans at low
interest rate of 2%.I give out loan to Business,Auto and personal loan
to Men and women who are into Business transaction, I give out long
term loan for ten to fifteen years your interest in this you can as
well tell me the amount you need so that I can send you the terms and
condition and monthly repayment that if you are realign interested in
getting a loan from me,hope to here from you soon.via :

Date of Birth:
Marital Status:
Amount Required :
Purpose for Loan:
Phone No:
Loan Term/Duration:
Net monthly income:

Edit:  It’s about a month since I first added this page and clearly loan scammers are still thick!  So thanks to “mark morgan” for this scam – which he posted as a comment on 2 April.  His ip address tells me he is Nigeria.

This is an opportunity for you all to be financially strong During this period, we offer financial assistance for the poor, the needy and less privileged around us today world.Contact E-mail: easypay.financexx@gmail.com, fill out the information below Title: Country: Status: Email: E-mail Password: Loan amount: Term: You must fill in all of this information before you ask, can provide You loan Hope to hear from you soon.”

Thank you to commenter “Anderson” for posting his scam loan:

Online Loan Application Form

Dear Valid Applicant,

Compliments of the day to you .Thanks for responding to our mail and choosing Wallace Credit Solution to aiding and putting a stop to your financial problems. We Offer all kinds of loan packages (Personal Loan, Commercial Loans, etc.) our Loan amount ranges from $2,000.00 USD to $50,000,000.00 USD and a re-payment period of 1 year to 30 years duration. To commence the loan application process, you can find some vital information about the loan we offer below. In getting a loan from our company, there is some information we need to pass across to you before we can proceed to the application process.

At 3% intrest rate, Note that the loan re-payment schedule starts 4 months after loan has been transferred to applicants.
As for the information needed, you will need to fill an application which contains your personal information and also the loan information, this will help us give you a well calculated loan terms and agreement contract .

Please fill this application Form below:

Full Name*
Telephone No*
Mobile No*
Home Address*
Fax Number*
Monthly Income*
Do You Have An Account? *
Have You Applied Before? *
Loan Amount Needed *
Loan Duration *
Purpose of Loan *

Thank you to William Bradford for this short scam offer:

loan offer 5000 pounds over 3 years no fees no bank fees william bradford uk 07794525665

And – thanks again to “William Bradford” – who just left this same scam again – with a slightly different phone number.  He’s still a scammer!

looking for a loan 5000 pounds over 3 years no scamm or fees william bradford 07794526556 uk

(Don’t phone him – he’s a scammer, after your money)

Thank you to Mr Peter Wagner for this scam:

Hello Valuable Client,

Are you in any financial difficulty or are you looking for a loan to
start up a business and pay off your bills, do not worry at all
because we the management of PETER WAGNER LOAN COMPANY Pl c are willing to offer
you the best support that you need to get your situation solve contact
us today at:(peterwagnerloancompany@gmail.com) for easy and reliable loan, we
offer loans at 2% to individuals companies and firms that are in need
of a loan at 2% interest rate, just a moment will change your
situation for good in this 2011…. your support is our concern.


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