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This idiot seems to suffer from a basic inability to use a well known search engine.  “Clifford Chance” (if they will forgive me for saying this) are indeed located at 10 Upper Bank Street.  However, they are a an international law firm not the name of a place in London.  They don’t offer finance by random email and if, unlike this stupid scammer, you are able to use Google you will find they don’t use a mobile phone number or an email address.

Ignore this scammer – whose only aim is to get you to send him your money to pay “fees” for your non-existent loan.

10 Upper Bank street, Clifford Chance
London, U.K. phone: +447045728997

* Are you financially Squeezed?
* Do you seek funds to pay off credits and debts
* Do you seek finance to set up your own business?
* Are you in need of private or business loans for various purposes?
* Do you seek funding for various other processes?
* Choose between 1 to 10 years to repay.

We give out loans to all categories of people, firms, companies, schools, industries etc.
we finance your business/homes at very cheap and moderate rates, We are trusted, reliable and dynamic.

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