Lucky loan firm

This idiot left his scam loan offer as a comment – I decided to offer him “promotion” and have turned it into a post of its own.  There is a page on this site dedicated to loan scammers – who are the only scammers thick enough to leave their scams as comments on this site.

This scammer’s ip address ( tells me that he posted this scam from Dublin.

Ignore all these random loan offers.  There are no company names given, no accreditations, no full contact details.  All these scammers want is to take money from you by charging you fees.

If you need a loan, contact your bank or local credit union or research a certified loan provider such as this one.  Don’t use a loan shark or scammer – you will find yourself worse off.

Are you in dept? Have you been denied of loan from Bank? Or do you need a
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OCCUPATION ________________________
Monthly Income ____________________
AMOUNT NEEDED_____________________
PURPOSE OF LOAN ____________________
LOAN DURATION _____________________
We await your urgent response.
Mr lucky