“Mr. Thompson Harrison” is so desperate to send me his little scam that he sent it twice, to two different email addresses.

Notice that he has no idea where “your country” is – he’s sent this scam to thousands, if not millions, of email addresses.  He has no idea who you are or where you live.  He is just hoping that you will be taking in by his scam and start sending him money.

Ignore this scammer.  He doesn’t have millions of euros – the only money he is interested in is yours, which he is hoping you will send to him.

My name is Mr. Thompson Harrison, I work with the Federal Ministry of works and housing here in Spain. I am under political Appointment with the present government in power.
My aim of contacting you is to collaborate with me to transfer the sum of (9.5 Million Euros) Nine Million Five hundred thousand Euros into your personal bank account in your country for investment purposes.
I am going to invest this money in your country through your personal assistance and cooperation, whereby you are going to be my Investment Manager.
Please when replying I want you to tell me the type of investment that will be encouraging for us to invest in your home town for us to talk about the conditions and modalities.
Please send your phone number and I will call you OR email me back to this email
Thanks and regards,
Mr. Thompson Harrison