MR ibrahim ZONGO

This scammer seems to think that his scam will come as an “utmost surprise”.  I can’t imagine why he would think that – I get loads of scams email each week.

All “Mr Zongo” wants to do is take money from me – or you.  He doesn’t want to share anything with you – just start taking your money by charging you fees.  Ignore him

MR ibrahim ZONGO OF AFRICA OUAGADOUGOU -BURKINA FASO Dear Friend,This message might meet you in utmost surprise. However, it’s just my urgent need for foreign partner that made me to contact you for this transaction. I am a banker by profession from Burkina faso in west Africa and currently holding the post of Director Auditing and Accounting unit of the bank. I have the opportunity of transfering the left over funds ($ 10.5 million USD) of one of my banks client who died along with his entire family on 31 july 2000 in a plane crash. You can confirm the genuiness of the deceased death by clicking on this web site Hence , i am inviting you for a business deal where this money can be shared between us in the ratio of 65 / 35%. If you agree to my business proposal. Further details of the transfer will be forwarded to you as soon as i receive your return mail.Have a great day.Yourssincerely,MR ibrahim ZONGO