Here is another sob story about some person who supposedly died in a tragic plane crash. If I were you, I wouldn’t bother reading or replying. This is just a phishing spam, so delete it and remember—never click on any enclosed link in a spam e-mail.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 2:12 AM
“Pauline Cinatra”
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I am Barrister Eric Dwight,lawyer to late Thomas McCulloch of Durango,Colorado who lost his life in a plane crash involving Egypt Air Flight 990,including his wife and only daughter.He was one of the state’s most prominent native and business leader. All these you are very free to verify from the web link below for more information and clarification about his socio-economic status until his death.

Before the demise of my client, he disclosed to me his account status which amounted to $3.8usd(Three Million Eight Hundred Thousand America Dollars), He also handed over to me some vital copies of documents regarding this fund already trapped at finance house in EUROPE. I have made thorough inquiries about his relatives but discovered no one really knows about this fund currently situated at EUROPE. Since then, I have made successive attempts to get his next of kin or relative to come forth and claim this fund but to no avail.

As personal lawyer to my late client, I cannot in any way claim it unless someone overseas does it. Just two weeks ago, I received a routine notification from the finance house concerning this fund and the officials of this firm issued a warning stressing the urgency for late Mr.Thomas McCulloch’s relative or next of kin to come forward to claim this fund immediately or they will have it confiscated and forwarded to the nation’s
treasury account as unclaimed. This is the agreement they have reached at the company and they also reiterated that this is according to the company guidelines.


Owing to the fact that his daughter whom should have stood a better chance of claiming this fund also perished in that fatal air crash, I want you to stand in as the next of kin to late Mr. Thomas McCullochs Funds. Like I earlier asserted, I have in my possession the necessary documents that will enable me to place you in as the right beneficiary to my late client’s fund in this firm.

Be informed that upon successful transfer of this money into your account you shall have 45% of it as your share. I must remind you that trust and transparency must be our watchword in the course of this transaction.If you are intrested please endeavor to supply us with the informations below.

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Yours sincerely,
Pauline Cinatra
Secretary to Barrister Eric Dwight