A reader forwarded me this scam.  The scammer claims she is “majoring in marketing” with a “minor in international financing”.  Clearly maths isn’t part of her financing course – she claims she is six feet ten inches tall and weights 115lbs (8 stone 2lbs to those of us in the UK).  She then describes her body as “average weight”.  I’d say she was positively anorexic – that is if she was real.  Olivian Gavin doesn’t exist – not as described.  She’s a scammer who wants to take money from you.  If you make the mistake of befriending her she will start asking you for money for fares, visas, sick relatives etc.  Ignore this scammer.

Hello Dear,
My name is Olivia Gavin I am 22 years old, Single, Native of American, Caucasian,Female, 6’10” (159cm), 115lbs (48kg), located in Silver Spring, Maryland United States. Christian by religion. I’m a full time Student and I’m majoring in marketing and getting a minor in International financing and also working with NGO, My body style is average weight I am physically active, I never smoke and drink. I am the only girl in the family of three children, am the second child. My father and mother are still alive.Get in touch at
With Love,
Olivia Gavin