Notification ! Tax Refund

Another scammer who, for some strange reason, seems to think that adding exclamation marks to the subject line of their email will make it believable.  It doesn’t, of course.  In fact it’s the first hint that an email is probably a scam.

The UK Inland Revenue don’t email you if you are due for a tax return – they write to you.  Nor do they address you as “Dear Applicant”.  If they believe they owe you money, they will know your name and home address.

I have no idea what is in the .zip file that was attached to this email as I didn’t open it.  It will be one of two things:

a) a Trojan or other malware that will infect your computer

b) a form asking you for all your bank/credit card information to the scammer can empty your bank account.

Delete this email.

Dear Applicant:

Following an upgrade of our computer systems and review of our records we have investigated your payments and latest tax returns over the last seven years our calculations show that you have made over payments of GBP 1578.25

Due to the high volume of refunds due you must complete the online application, the telephone help line is unable to assist with this application. In oder to process your refund you will need to complete the application form attached to this email.Your refund may take up to 6 weeks to process please make sure you complete the form correctly.
NOTE: If youve received an Income Tax repayment it will either be following a claim youve made or because HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has received new information about your taxable income or entitlement to allowances. The refund may come through your tax code or as a payment and could relate to the current tax year or earlier years..

An Income Tax repayment is a refund of tax that youve overpaid. So, if youve paid too much tax for example through your job or pension this year or in previous years HMRC will send you a repayment. Youll get the repayment by bank transfer directly to your credit or debit card.

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