Order Receipt No. 891989580

This scammer is trying to get your credit card information.  I don’t even have an account with BT!

If you follow any of the links in the email you will see that you aren’t taken to the BT website – look in the address bar at the top of your web browser.

For the sake of research my friend Roger Rabbit used the fake login box.  This is what the scam page says – the scammer is after your credit card information:

If you think you have accidentally given your card information to these scammers, contact your bank immediately.

New BT Online Notification

Hello carol,

Your monthly payment was recently declined. The decline could be due to insufficient funds, card expired, etc.

Since you haven’t provided us new billing information yet, we thought we’d remind you to please provide us with updated billing information to avoid any billing problems with your account.

Review account information.

Thanks for choosing BT.

Graham Sutherland
CEO, Business and Public Sector