Payment From Top-Up Store-O2 Voucher !

There are just so many clues that this is a fake Paypal email that all I will do is list two of three of them.

1)  The title has two obvious clues.  It says the payment is “from” the O2 store – in which case they would be sending you money, not telling you that you have sent them a payment.  Secondly why on earth do scammers feel that ending their email subject lines in an exclamation mark (!) is a good thing?  Paypal would never do that.

2)  You are addressed as Dear “Customer” – Paypal will ALWAYS use your registered Paypal name.

3)  The attachment asks you for all your credit card details.  Paypal receipts NEVER include an attachment.

If you get taken in by this scammer and accidentally send them your credit card details, contact your bank immediately.

Dear Customer,

You sent a payment of 40.90 GBP to Mobile Top-up Online

If you have questions about the shipping and tracking of your
purchased item or service, please contact the seller.

Please download the document attached to this
email to cancel or forward your purchase.

Mobile Top-up Online
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Shipping address – Unconfirmed
United Kingdom
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Please fill in the correct information for the following category to verify your identity.
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