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Non of the links in this scam email go to Paypal – they take you to a Russian website.  I don’t know what is on the site as my computer blocked it.  Either it is infected with malware or it will ask you for your Paypal log-in details.

NEVER click on a link in an email that claims to come from Paypal – even if you think it is real.  Enter the address of Paypal directly into your browser and log-in to your account.

If you think you have accidentally given your paypal account details to a fraudster, log-in immediately and change your password.  Then let Paypal know.

29/11/2012 10:51:34 PDT
Transaction ID: 3B3583087769361P

You authorized a payment of $199.79 USD to PINZOO Instant PIN 1-888-697-3378
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PINZOO Instant PIN 1-888-697-3378
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pinzoo Paypal Order – 1337852
$199.79 USD 1 $199.79 USD
Subtotal $199.79 USD
Total $199.79 USD
Payment $199.79 USD
Payment sent to

Invoice ID: 133782

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