PayPal UK – Security Center !

Why do scammers end their fake security warnings with an exclamation mark?  Do they think I’m more likely to believe their rubbish if they do?

Paypal NEVER address you as “dear paypal customer”.  NEVER click on a link in a Paypal email – ALWAYS enter the address of the paypal website directly into your browser. If there is a problem with your account you will see what it is after you’ve logged in.

The link in this email goes to a fake site where, I imagine, the scammer will ask you for your credit card details.  This is the link, and I’m sure you can see it isn’t the real Paypal website:

Dear PayPal Customer,

Our Technical Service department has recently updated our online services, due to this upgrade we sincerely call your attention to follow below link and reconfirm your online account details. Failure to confirm your PayPal account details will permanently suspend you from accessing your account online.

Click Here

We use the latest security measures to ensure that your PayPal account is safe and secure. The administration asks you to accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused and expresses gratitude for cooperation

Thanks for choosing PayPal

PayPal Customer Service

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