I have no idea who this company really is – or what they really do.  I hope they don’t provide seo (search engine optimisation) services.  If they do, you might like to avoid them as clearly the people they employ to do that work aren’t able to read!

I run a series of bed and breakfast listing sites.  (You can see one here for reference –  I keeping finding ads for this company posted on these sites.  This is the latest ad, posted on a site for Bed and breakfast accommodation in Abergavenny:

“Create your website for Rs.3333/- only & get maximum benefit through internet. Also get lowest rates for Domain & Hosting.
We will help you to create your dream website at throw away rate.
Emails us at:
Call: +91-278-300xxxx

I contacted them via the live chat on their website and asked them to stop spamming my sites.  Their reply:

“we are unable to offer IT services as per ur requirements. sorrry sir.”