Plea for Help

Oh look – a long, sob story from someone in Nigeria!!!!!  You’d think that anyone writing from, or claiming to write from, Nigeria might just have realised that Nigeria is (sadly) known as the home of many scammers.  Clearly this scammer hasn’t quite got the point yet.

Whatever this scammer is on about, ignore him.  He certainly doesn’t have millions of dollars to share with you. The only thing this scammer wants is your money.  If you make the mistake of replying you will find yourself being asked to send money.

Alhaji Mohammed abacha
2/8 gidado drive,gra,
kano – nigeria.

Please excuse my intrusion Into your private life as I write you this
letter in Good faith and to the glory of almighty God who thus Brought
me out clean after all the allegations Leveled against me after the
death of my father General sani Abacha (former
Nigerian military head of States). my release from prison was
necessitated by the Efforts of the former senate president chief Anyim Pius
Anyim and the then speaker of the lower house Alhaji ghali

Since my father’s death and my detention for close to six years, my
family has been loosing a lot of money Due to vindictive government
officials who are bent on Dealing with our family. After my release the
federal Government of Nigeria has made me sign some documents That will enable them
extract the sum of one billion
Five hundred million us dollars from my father’s bank
Accounts in London, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and jersey
My family and I are looking for a trustworthy foreign Partner who can
assist us by taking possession of the Total sum of us$15,000,000.00
(fifteen million United states dollars), which the government did not
Know about. Because in their thinking they
want to
Leave only one hundred million to my family this money Is presently in
the possession of a security company Abroad. This money was of course,
acquired by my late Father and is now kept secretly by the family. The
Swiss government has already frozen all the accounts Of my family in Switzerland,
and some other countries Also
tried doing like wise. This bid by some Government officials to deal
with this family has made it necessary that i seek your assistance in
receiving,This money and in investing it on behalf of my family. this must be a
joint venture transaction and we must all work together. Since this
money is still cash, extra security measures have been taken to Protect it
from theft or seizure. I have personally Worked out all modalities for the peaceful
conclusion Of this
transaction with the security company.

However, based on the grounds that you are willing to Work with me and
also all contentious issues discussed Before the commencement of this
transaction. you may Also discuss your percentage before we start to
Work. as soon as I hear from you, i will give
you all
Necessary details as to how we intend to carry out the Whole
transaction. Please, do not entertain any fears, As all necessary modalities are
in place, and i assure You of all success and safety in this
Transaction. Please, this transaction requires absol
ute Confidentiality and you would be expected to treat it As such. If
you are interested in assisting me please
Send me your consent and telephone number.

Please, you may also ignore this letter and respect my Trust in you by
not exposing this transaction, should You not be interested.

I look forward to working with you.

Thank you
Alhaji Mohammed Abacha