For some strange reason “Mrs Tonga” seems it “will be surprise to get this letter”.  Why would she think that?  I get scam emails everyday from scammers telling me they are widowed, rich and just wanting to send all their money me.

Sorry “Mrs Tonga”, but I just don’t believe you.  And neither should you if you get this email.  Mrs Tonga is a scammer.  She isn’t rich – yet.  She wants to become rich, by taking your money.  If you make the mistake of replying you will find yourself being asked for money.  Delete the email and don’t reply.

Hello Dear,

l know you will be surprise to get this letter from me, l am only a widow who is desperate for an assistance, I am Mrs. Grace Tonga a widow originally from Zimbabwe, but living in south Africa with my son Zuma as a refugee after the death of my husband, l inherited the sum of US$12Million (Twelve Million United States America Dollars), from my late husband which he deposited in a private security company here in south Africa before he died, he was a very rich tobacco farmer before he died, he was killed by the government of our president ROBERT MUGABE government.

l am living as a refugee l cannot transfer this money myself. Please do contact me on this email address (, please write me on my private email above please.

l am willing to give you some commission, l will tell you more when l hear from you, l also have a good friend of my late husband who is a financial adviser  here ( former bank manager) who promise to help me transfer this money bank when l get somebody l trust, he was the person that advised me to get an international partner to assist me, because l cannot do any banking transaction here in south Africa because l am a refugee.

l will send you my documents, my refugee identity and my international passport and my husband’s death certificate, so you can see everything about me, l tell you more about this transaction when l get your reply, please l want you to be honest with me, if you are not honest l will not carry out this transaction with you, THIS EMAIL IS NOT CONFIDENTIAL, PLEASE REPLY ON THIS  ADDRESS (  more details. , lf you listen to international news CNN or BBC you will know what is happening in my country Zimbabwe, , please go into this website you understand me world/africa/918781..stm or world/africa/715001.stm

l am waiting for your response


Mrs.Grace Tonga