Please complete your Apple ID

DO NOT fill in this account verification.  This is not a legitimate email about your Apple account – it is a scammer who is after your credit card details.  You can log into their fake Apple website using any made-up password.

The domain name “” was registered today by someone in Panama.

If you get taken in by this scam email and fill in your credit card details, contact your bank immediately.


This email is to inform you that your Apple Account has been locked until you validate your account information. You will be unable to use iTunes or the App Store until you complete this verification. Your iCloud sync will also be unavailable meaning address book and diary events are not synchronized.

How do I validate my Apple Account?

To verify your Apple Account please click the link provided below.

>> Click here to resolve this issue and verify your account.

Failure to validate your account within 74 hours of 12/31/2013 can result in termination of your Apple Account.

This automated message has been sent to all the email addresses on file in your account. If you need additional help, please visit Apple Apple Assistance.

Apple Account Management

Ticket Number: #R-2251

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