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Sunday, March 1, 2009 5:47 AM
“Francis L”
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Please keep this information very confidential Dear Madam, I am Mr Destiny Francis Leonard working with the Financial Bank of Lome Togo, here in Togo Republic as a Manager in (Telex/Computer Section).I am in charge of all payments into foreign bank accounts. As i was going through the computer data in the morning, i discovered your fund still standing to your credit unpaid due to some bureaucratic and logistics bottlenecks most beneficiaries encountered in the past. Discovered also during my investigation were some clandestine moves by some faceless imposters in connivance with some members of staff to have this fund diverted to a different account. I remember discussing the issue of your payment sometimes with our director but what ever made him keep quite over it till now fairly beats my imagination. Based on this i want you to keep what i am going to tell you now as secret from my director.The moment he knows about it from you i shall abandon it. You see with my position, i am promising to credit your money into your bank account without you having to pay any upfront money. I am giving you 100% assurance that i can do this for you but on the ground that you will give me 5% of the total sum immediately this fund is credited into your account . As soon as the crediting is affected, i will cover up all traces by destroying all records that relate to it. I am doing this through the back door against all official policies. But i want to take the risk so that i can make some money to establish a good business out there. The only thing you have to do is this¨, There is a special hard disc used for secret bank transfers, you will have to look for one in your country,buy and send it to me. I need an unused disc so that the fund would not be traced by the time i move it across to you. I shall transmit your entire file into it and later use it to credit your account after i have destroyed the old record from the system. Buying the disc is the only money you will have to spend, then leave the rest to me. The name of the disc is (TIAC.U12 HDD).Please beware of fakes from Taiwan they easily get corrupted with virus.The best are the ones made in England.This is a special disc used by Banks and financial houses for account crediting and financial data storage and every good dealer knows it. I would have suggested we buy one here but from all indications, it is bound to be cheaper in your country considering the fact that it is scares here because of its sensitivity. With this disc i will transfer your fund within 48 hrs. Above all you have to assure me is that you will not forget me by the time you recieve your fund. Yours Sincerely Mr Destiny Francis Leonard

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“Promises, promises.” He has nothing to “transfer”, so ignore his bogus claims and delete.