Please read,

“Vonema Teke” has written to me from China to tell me she is in Darfur.  Does this sound likely?  No.  This person isn’t a rich refugee with millions of dollars.  He or she is a scammer – who wants to get their hands on your money by charging you fees.

Ignore her sob story and don’t reply.

Dear friend,

I know this will come as a surprise to you but i want to assure you with honest to god almighty that my email comes with good intentions, i am vonema teke from the darfur region
Of sudan in africa, i am 19yrs old and an only child and son to late chief graham teke who was oil merchant before he was killed by rebels in 2006
Because of the current crisis in the region, i believe that you are very conversant with the happenings in sudan because it is always on the world news. I was rescued by the united nations peace keeping force and was taken to refugee camp.

i am writing you a detailed briefing of my consignment at beijing international airport china.i had a foreign beneficiary named mr.yang lu choulu who resides in china and he was helping to ship my consignment containing nine million united states dollars that i inherited from my late father which
Is being delivered by a united nations diplomat to the delivery address of mr.yang lu choulu in china but when the diplomat called from beijing international airport to confirm the address of mr.yang lu who lives in beijing china, he explained a different thing entirely, he said he is no more willing
To receive the consignment because of the communist system of government in china and that the government is going to question him on how he got in contact with such consignment and that his barrister later explained this to him, he said he did not inform his barrister not until the consignment got to china.
Mr.yang lu choulu has done all the paper works that covers the consignment to get to china, everything was set to be completed. The un diplomat is complaining now that he wants to abandone the consignment at the beijing international airport in china to proceed with his diplomatic mission abroad but he does not know that the consignment contains funds because i was told by the security company which the funds was deposited by my late father not to let him know that the consignment contains funds.

please i want you to be my present foreign beneficiary so that he can make the delivery to you and leave china and proceed with his diplomatic mission abroad because more effort has been tried to contact my former foreign beneficiary again but it seems that the phone number is not reachable at the moment
I want you to receive the consignment for me and i will give the same percentage that i offered mr. Yang lu choulu which is 30% of the total funds and thereafter you will help me look for a profitable business to invest the funds, as soon as i hear from you with your delivery address or phone number i will
Contact the diplomat so that he can make further arrangements to deliver the consignment to you immediately.

I wait to hear from you and please note that the diplomat does not know that the content of the consignment is nine million united states dollars, i would want to keep it that way for security reasons and the consignment is labeled as family valuables. Thank you for you cooperation.

You will be provided with every document that you might need to prove the legality and source of the fund so please be free to contact me my life is atached to the success of the delivery of my fathers deposit, i hope you assist me in any way that you can.

With sincerity of heart i expect to hear from you

Vonema Teke