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Dr. Mike Williams
Tokpa Branch Manager,
Continental Bank Benin.
Private Tel: +229 98 59 68 32
Private E-mail:

Dear Friend,

Please in the name of God i ask for your little time to read this
message carefully to the excellency of our mutual benefit as i am
looking for a partner overseas to transfer the sum of $15,000,000.00
into his/her account for investment purpose. This is not one of those
letters or stories out there that everybody know as joke. I am very
serious and this money is my only hope of survival now and it is the
future of my family. So please read this message very gently and quietly
tell me what you think, if we can transact it together or not. And
please after reading if it does not interest you kindly delete the mail
and keep the secret of what you red within you.

My name is Dr Mike Williams, i am a branch manager with Continental Bank-
Benin, Cotonou Republic of Benin. I got your contact online as i was
searching for an oversea partner to confide in and do business with. I
write you this proposal in good faith, I am 55 years old, an Ethiopian
based in Benin Republic, married with four lovely children.. I have a
very important and beneficial business which i would like to execute
with you, it involves a reasonable amount of cash. I have packaged a
financial transaction that will benefit you and me, as the branch
manager in this bank it is my duty to send in a financial report to the
headquarters at the end of each business year. On the course of last
year business report, I discovered that my branch made surplus cash of
Fifteen Million United States Dollars ($15,000,000.00) which my head
office is not aware of and no single staff is aware of this surplus
income and will never be aware of since i have wisely arranged and
destroyed files on this amount and created a Transit Fixed Account and
channeled the fund into the account without stating any name on the
information database registration system, the fund was lodged under
pending information so that anybody that apply claim on the fund will
automatically appear as the owner and would absolutely get the money
hence the person is a foreigner. Please i want to bring you into this
transaction for you to claim the fund as the depositor it will easily
convince the bank since your are a foreigner the money will be released
and transferred into your account for our mutual sharing.

Do not be scared of anything because the arrangement is sealed and our
bank will believe you since the depositor’s name and information is not
stated so for you to apply claim on the money all you will need is the
account information and data of the deposit which i shall give to you as
soon as i hear from you. As an officer in this bank I cannot be directly
connected to this money for safety and security reasons since we the top
officials in the bank are not allowed to operate foreign bank accounts
or even involve in any local or foreign financial transactions outside
the bank’s own, that is the rules and policy of our bank, So my aim of
contacting you is for you to pose as the owner and depositor of the
money and demand our bank to transfer the fund to your bank account in
your country then we share the money between me and you. There are
practically no risks involved in this event, i am here to protect you
and monitor the arrangement secretly until the fund is wired into your
account peacefully, it will be a bank-to-bank wire transfer, and all I
need from you is to apply claim as the depositor of the fund who made
the deposit with my branch and then i will defend you as soon as
verification get to my desk and i shall sign off the transfer papers
immediately as soon as it get to my office so that my head office can
order the transfer of the money to any bank account that you will

You will be entitled to 40% of the total fund as your commission while
5% of the total sum would be set aside to cover legal expenses that
might occur during the transfer arrangement while i take 55%. Do not be
afraid, i am here to identify you to the bank and tell them YES you made
a deposit in my branch but you were in a hurry to meet-up flight time to
return to your country so you were not able to indicate your information
and you said you will visit back in a while with your information to be
stated on the deposit but now you are unable to visit Benin Republic due
to circumstances so you want the fund to be transferred into your
account in your country.

If you agree to work with me I would appreciate it kindly and educate
you more on how the arrangement will be carried out successfully without
any problem. Get back to me immediately so that we can discuss over the
details and i will give you all the full vital information data on the
money and explain to you how we should start the claim so that the bank
will completely believe you. Remember there are no risks involved i
promise you are safe.

Thank you in advance and May God bless you and your family.
Yours truly

Dr. Mike Williams
Tokpa Branch Manager,
Continental Bank Benin.
Private Tel: +229 98 59 68 32
Private E-mail:
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