Postal Inheritance Scams

I’m reminded to day that the inheritance scams that are common on this site aren’t just sent by email.  Many people receive letters in the post telling the same ridiculous stories that are reproduced on this site daily.

They all follow a theme:  Some mega rich person that you have never heard of has died or is dying and doesn’t have any relatives.    This mega rich person has decided to leave all their money to you.

I’ve never, personally, received one of these letters, but there was a very sad article on a newspaper website today about a vulnerable elderly person who was taken in.  Seeing how much money she sent to the scammer makes you realise just why the scammers persist.  This scammer earned more from one scam that most of us earn for many years of work.

This article also warns of another type of scam – people who phone you and tell you scare stories and then demand money.

If someone phones you, telling you that you can committed some offence which can be overturned/put write if you pay them money, put the phone down.

One warning is being asked to purchase money vouchers and then they will phone you back for the voucher code.  Ignore them.