Thanks go to someone who left a comment on another thread for alerting me to this website. was registered on 3 Oct 2012 via the same domain company in Malaysia as our old friends ppinomore and youhaveppi.

The text that my commenter was sent is the same as that sent to everyone else – telling you that you are owed £3350.  The website is an exact clone of the others – same pictures, same text, same colours.  My friend Roger Rabbit filled in the form – it takes you to a web search page.

I strongly suspect that these people make money from people who answer their texts – as you are instructed to text “stop” to opt out.  I can’t think that will stop them as they are using hundreds of different numbers to send from.

As I said in the previous thread, if you receive a text with a different web address, please leave a comment below so we can all see the new address.

As I also said in the previous thread – if you think you were mis-sold PPI, you don’t have to reply to random texts or emails.  You can make the claim yourself.  The Money Saving Expert website has all the info you need –

Edit: 12 Nov 2012.  Inflation seems to be catching up with these spammers.  Someone just left this in a comment below:

IMPORTANT! you are owed £4150 for the PPI you took out, time is running out to claim, please visit www to claim, thank you. To opt out reply STOP.