Tuesday, March 3, 2009 10:30 AM
“William Hagler”
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Dear friend,
I got your details after an extensive online search. Before my late
client’s death,he was an Engineering contractor who worked in
collaboration with a Russian contracting firm in Moscow.My late client was
born on the 25th day of September, 1920 in the United Kingdom but he lived
in the Netherlands and had several assets in the Netherlands and United
Kingdom before his demise.Though,he died after a brief illness and because
he was gay,he did not specify a next of kin to the bank where he deposited
this large sum of money.The US$48.3M was his share of a contract worth
US$1.2billion which he executed with his russian colleagues and before his
demise,he proposed to use the money in funding a home for the less
priviledge. His bank recently intimated me to provide the next of kin
which I have not been able to find up till now. In order not to loose this
funds to the bank or government decided to search online for a reliable
and trustworthy Individual that can help me receive this money In an
account. I eventually got your contact after an extensive search for an
Individual bearing the same family name with my late client. Presently
this $48.3million (Forty. Eight Million And Three hundred thousand United
States Dollars only) Is lodged in a suspense account.The circumstances
surrounding the death of the depositor with no known nominated successor
has made it difficult to locate anyone who is directly related to the
deceased.With very strong feeling that no one will ever come forward to
claim the funds and the investigation coming to a close after several
months, the need for assistance becomes crucial, as a next of kin to the
depositor is earnestly sought for and your name fits exactly the family
name of the depositor and that is why i have contacted you today. I have a
legal and totally risk free means through which the funds can be released
to you or your nominated bank account within a very short time after due
documentation and authentication process. The strategy is to use my
position as his Attorney to present you as a next of Kin and beneficiary
of the time deposit. I expect your response and if in the affirmative,
contact me on my I shall advice you on
what we need to do on receipt of a positive response from
I remain.
Williams Hagler.
Um, like, what “details” of mine did he get??? And was it legal??? Makes one wonder. Just delete it and let him blather to someone else.