“Mr Cho” writes to me from Mehmet Akif Ersoy University in Turkey to tell me he is the operations manager of a major bank – yet strangely he is willing to compromise this prestigious job by sending out thousands of random emails offering to transfer millions of dollars from his bank to me – or you – or anyone else.  Does this sound likely?  Of course not.  “Mr Cho” doesn’t work fo the Hang Seng bank.  He’s probably a student at the university.  Whatever/whoever he is, he’s a scammer who wants to steal your money by charging you fees.  Ignore him.


I am Cho Yonggi, the operations manager of Hang Seng Bank, Hong Kong.

I need your assistance in transferring 20 million dollars out of an
account here at my bank. If the transaction is successful, you get to keep
40% of the money and 60% for me.

If you are interested in details, please provide me with your name,
address, country, phone number.

Please reply via my private email

I await your response