Proposal for you

Oh look – yet another rich African who had the misfortune to die, leaving millions of unclaimed dollars which I can have a share of.  Not.

Yet another scammer wanting the same thing they all want –  your money, which he will happily take from you to pay his “fees”.

However surprising this proposal may seem to you, I want you to consider the immense benefit it will be to both of us.
My Name is Mr. James lumbo Crawford, a professional banker and the financial consultant to Omar Bongo Ondimba, late president of Republic of Gabon, a country in Africa, who died on the 8Th of June, 2009 in Barcelona, Spain. For more informations, go to (
Before his death, he amassed a fortune, including a lot of cash deposit in big security companies in Spain, France and Belgium.
There is a cash deposit of $25,000 000.00 ( twenty five million US Dollars ) he made in a security company at Madrid, Spain in a coded formula showing that the box contains pieces of gold and silver, just three weeks before his death. Apart from him, I am the only person that knows about the deposit as well as the content and all the deposit documents are in my possesion.
Now, I need a reliable person whom I shall use to make the claim from the security company and pay the money into the person’s account.
There is no risk involved because all the logistics for a smooth transaction has been perfected. I will offer you 30%, while 60% will be for me and 10% set aside for any expenses we may incur during the transaction. Please this is highly confidential and you must keep it to yourself only.
If you are interested to partner with me, do contact me on my private e-mail address ( Phone number +34672955000, with your full names, address and telephone number.
Best Regards,