Proposition for job seeker

This  bit of rubbish was forwarded to me by a friend.  Ms Lundgren uses a hotmail email address and can’t even be bothered to make up the name of a recruitment company to claim to represent.
The only jobs going are for scam victims.  If you make the mistake of replying, this scammer will start pretending to send you money.  You will then be asked to forward some of it to an associate only to find the original payment withdrawn by your bank as being fraudulent and leaving you out of pocket.

Internationally located corporation searching for employe in the United Kingdom for representation job with part-time and full-time schedule options.
Relocation is not required, job seeker will operate from her city. Medical and travel fees are repaid.
Must be motivated organized person, 18+ age. Compensation from 3000 pounds + commission earned.
This work is ideally become to an individual with demonstrated experience across client service, supply chain & logistics within a production environment where quality is high.
Simply respond to this email to get more answers. Feel free to enclose your Resume for a confidential discussion. They are looking forward to talk over the job position with you.

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