Re: Abandoned Funds, Amt: (US$US$2,798,901.02Million).

Wednesday, March 11, 2009 5:40 PM
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Office of Foreign Asset Control Regulations
Asset Freezing Unit (AFU);

Patrick Guthrie,

Please Ask For: The Director, Asset Freezing Unit;


Dear Sir,

Re: Abandoned Funds,
Amt: (US$2.798.901.02Million).

This is to inform you that the Dep’t of the UK Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Control and Regulations have been notified of an ABANDONED FUND under a UK bank.
As contained in the Pre-Payment Advice Instructions from the African Bank and the bank Letter of Lodgement dated the 8th January 2009, sometime ago, a sum of US$2,798,901=02 (Two Million, Seven Hundred and Ninety Eight Thousand, Nine Hundred and One United States Dollars and Two cents only) covering a payment on inheritance arrived their bank as bulk delivery to be paid to you as the beneficiary.

Further investigations reveal that you couldn’t receive this money because the financial regulatory agency had in the past instructed the UK bank not to deal further with the payment under the Banking Law 1994 because you failed to meet their clearance requirements, hence the fund was abandoned.

Let me inform you that under the stipulated Law of the Government of Great Britain, Wales and other member countries of the United Nations at the Warsaw Conventions, any huge amount of money that has been found in the international computer system waiting to be transferred without adequate prove of its source and/or claims for a period of 6 months or more, shall be confiscated and forfeited to the UN account. Estimates of the size of the money laundering problem totals more than $500Billion annually world-wide. This is a staggering amount and detrimental by any calculation to the financial systems involved.

However, in our capacity as the Asset Freezing Unit, we are delaying the confiscation of the funds until we have heard from you, but as a security measure to avoid theft or fraud, we have instructed the holding bank to liquidate the funds and place it on a Transit Hold Account with the Bank of England (apex bank).

We are sending this official notification as we would welcome any valuable information you can provide for us to validate this payment and to ascertain it has no link to illegal proceeds, so as to enable us issue clearance passage to the holding bank to immediately release the fund to you by using the ATM Debit Card payment System.

Like we explained to you in our previous message, we are proposing this ATM Debit Card payment System as the best method because it is without any hitch or obstructions.

Besides, the payment System is fast and easy and the bank will only have to process your card and load your funds directly in the card and dispatch it to you within 72hrs of this same payment order. The total Card Value shall be: US$5,390,000 only, and since each card will be below US$3Million, it will not be declared invalid and be in “default” situation in line with the UK Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Control regulations because any amount above US$3Million is closely monitored under the Financial Services Commission fund clearance and assessment procedures. Also, as it is an accumulated interest payment, it will not require you to present any clearance documents like Anti-terrorist or money laundering clearance certificates etc as in the release of your contract sum or bank to bank wire.

Let me remind you that after the 9/11 terrorist attack in USA, large deposits and transfers all over the world have been subjected to strict scrutiny by the International Financial Services Commission and the USA Homeland/Security of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), hence any bank transferring large funds above $500,000 with source of origin from mostly Africa and Arab countries; it must be reported to them for certification.

This ATM Debit Card Payment System does not waste time, because once you comply with the issuing procedures for the card, your payment is guaranteed, you are advised that a daily withdrawal value of $35,000.00 USD is permitted. And as the bank is duly inter-switched with banks all over the world; you can make withdrawals at any ATM Cash Centre of your choice in the world. And once the cards are processed, it shall be dispatched to your address by any of the HM Treasury registered courier services.

In line with this payment arrangement, you are advised to fill the attached ATM Debit Card Payment Application Form and send back immediately for processing through the issuing bank.


Yours in service,

Patrick Guthrie,
Director, AFU.
Nope. No “Abandoned Fund”. But please don’t “abandon” your bank account and your ID so Spammy Sammy aka “Patrick Guthrie” can get hold of it—delete this spam!