( Re: Google Giving away Cashouts.) .

I have no idea why the “Africa branch office” in Nigeria would want to send me money that I had, allegedly won from “Bangkok, Thailand”, but I don’t suppose this scammer has any idea either.  You haven’t won anything, and neither have I.  This is just a scammer, who is hoping you will start sending him your own money to pay “fees”.  Delete the email and don’t reply.

Google 11th Anniversary Presentation Centre,
Africa branch office.
Lagos, 25530. Nigeria.

Your email address has been selected as one of the lucky winners in the second batch of the on going Google 11 Anniversary Award as organized by Google Asia branch office in Bangkok, Thailand. Therefore, you have been awarded the sum of Five Hundred Thousand United states Dollars ($500,000.00USD) only.

Email account holders who receive this notification are hereby advised not to neglect this alert, because this is their chance to be part of the favor.

This promotion was set-up to encourage the active usage of the Internet Google Chrome®. Hence we do believe that with your winning prize, you will continue to be active and patronage to the Internet Google Chrome®.

Your winnings can be access by the issuement of an Atm card.

Award Reference code:GOOGLE568A009
File number:G245
Atm Code : ATM822

To claim your winning prize kindly contact Llodys Bank Africa which has been mandated to give you cash outs with below details ASAP:
Mr Charles Brown
Telephone: +2347032256732
(1) Your Full Names:
(2) Your Tel/Mobile Number:
(3) Your Nationality:
(4) Current Country:
(5) Your contact Address:
(6) Occupation:


Google Management.
Africa, Branch,