Re: Job Assistant Urgently Needed

Do you really think that a genuine company would send a random email (using a email address) to a random person that they have never even heard of offering them a real job?

Of course they wouldn’t.  This is a classic scam.  At the end of the first week you will be sent a cheque  for more than the $450 promised.  You will be asked to forward  the extra money to someone else.  Your bank will then realise the original payment was fraudulent and withdraw the money from your account – leaving you in debt for the amount you sent to that “someone else” and with no way of getting your money back.

Don’t even reply to this scammer.

I’d like to know if you’re interested in working part time from home. You’ll be processing refunds to our small business customers. More details will be provided once i receive your response.

Requirements include a valid Paypal Account for your weekly payment deposits. Payment will be $400 weekly plus $50 extra for gas. No cold calling. No registration fee.

Please send us your name, phone number along with the best time to call. A member of our marketing team will give you a call at any time of your chosen.

Reply to Cheryladams414(at)