“Mr. Alexander Klein” tells me he is in London.  Clearly he’s confused.  His ip address tells me he is in Abuja in Nigeria.  I guess if you’re a scammer, the truth isn’t something that concerns you.

This scammer certainly has a tenuous, or non-existent, grasp of the truth.  He isn’t in London, he’s never worked for a bank, he isn’t a member of any association and he certainly doesn’t have millions of dollars.  He’d like to have millions of dollars, and he’d like you to send them to him.  That’s what he will try to get you to do if you make the mistake of replying.  He will start asking you to send him money.  Ignore him

Dear Friend.


I am sure that this letter will come to you as a surprise to you, but do not worry because I only found your email through internet searching and I decided to contact you for this business.

My name is Mr. Alexander Klein, a former staff of one of the leading banks here in London and also a Member of the AMERICAN BANKERS ASSOCIATION.

Twenty Millions US Dollars was deposited since 2000 in safe place in Europe which I will made mention to you after I have hear from you and the beneficiary (Mr. Robert John) died in 2004 South Asia Tsunami with his family while on a holiday in Thailand.

All attempts to trace any of his relatives since his death were not successful. Now, I want you to stand as NEXT OF KIN / BENEFICIARY for these fund release to you and we will share this money together.

40% will be for you and 60% will be for me which I also intend to invest in Real Estate Business in your Country.

If you are interested, send me the followings through my email address stated above:-

Complete first and Last names
Complete Address
Phone and Fax Numbers
Date of Birth
Marital Status

Please I want this deal to be very secret and should not be disclose to anyone. If you have any questions let me know ASAP.

In receipts of this message you are been advice to email me back at my private email box:
Thank you for your understanding.

Yours faithfully,
Mr. Alexander Klein.