Re: reply

This scammer has emailed me from Accra in Ghana to tell me he is “Dr Martin Paul from Cote d’Ivoire”.  He’s already confused.  Then he thanks me for reading his email “despite all the spam around”.  Actually, I’m reading it BECAUSE it’s spam – or, more accurately, a scam.

Ignore the long convoluted story.  This scammer is after your money.


Thank you for taking out time to read this message despite all the spam around. I am Dr. Martin Paul from Cote d’Ivoire Ivory Coast the son of late Mr. James Paul a former special assistance to Mr. Alassanne Ouattara the internally acclaimed winner of the just concluded Election in our country who was recently killed by solders loyal to the illegal and the Defiant president Laurent Gbagbo.

Meanwhile, I am presently in Accra-Ghana our Neighboring country with help of the united nation personnel officers working in our country. As his only son I inherited the sum of $46 million packaged and kept in a vault upon arriving Ghana. It was kept for safe-keeping to take care of my family. So I need a foreign trusted person who will help me to invest this fund into any lucrative business. As a matter of fact, my father is dead hence my family can no longer have any other means of livelihood except through this fund.

It may interest you to know that this money came from the sales and proceeds of cocoa, gold and diamonds because my late father was a big merchant in solid minerals before he met his untimely death. All the documents to prove the deposit of this fund are with me.

Please I am writing to seek your assistance as a faithful person to stand and accept to transfer this money to your country as my foreign partner and my co-beneficiary of this fund.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Dr. Martin Paul.