Apparently ” Barrister Richard Walker” has at least a billion pounds to transfer to my account.  Hey – who needs to buy a lottery ticket when you can just answer a random email, addressed to “Dear Sir/Madam” and get a billion (pounds or dollars I wonder?)

If you think I’m being a bit cynical – you’re right.  I’m sure you realise that anyone who died, leaving billions of dollars (or pounds) would have family, friends, business partners, executors, solicitors (or attorneys) and several wills lined up.  They certainly wouldn’t leave it to a barrister to send to any random person in the world who happened to have an email address.

This is just a scammer – whose only aim is to get his hands on your money.  Just ignore this idiot.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Barrister Richard Walker, an attorney to Late Billionaire Mrs. Leona Helmsley who died in 2007. I have her money to transfer to your account. If you are interested get back to me for full details on this my email


Richard Walker.