Read Carefully – Important Information

This phisher has realised there are lots of phishers out there.  I’m sure it’s a comfort to him/her to know they are not alone.  The current phishing attack has, allegedly, caused the Federal Reserve Bank to put a stop to all Federal Wire transfers for 10 days. 

You can get all the information you need by clicking on one of the links.  I don’t know where the links took you when they were first posted, but they now take you to p**n sites.  So plenty of information there!!

If you’re not in the mood for p**n, just delete the email.

If you do accidentally click on a link and think your computer might have been attacked by spyware, download and run Malwarebytes.  This is the most efficient malware removal software that I know.






You’re getting this letter in connection with new directives issued by

U.S. Treasury Department. The directives concern U.S. Federal Wire

online payments.

On On January 1, 2009 a large-scaled phishing attack started and has been

still lasting. A great number of banks and credit unions is affected by

this attack and quantity of illegal wire transfers has reached an

extremely high level.

U.S. Treasury Department, Federal Reserve and Federal Deposit Insurance

Corporation (FDIC) in common worked out a complex of immediate actions

for the highest possible reduction of fraudulent operations.

We regret to inform you that definite restrictions will be applied to
all Federal Wire transfers from January 6 till January 16.


Here you can get more detailed information regarding the affected banks and U.S.

Treasury Department restrictions:

Federal Reserve Bank System Administration