A reader sent me this scam.  She commented that she felt sorry for the real Cindy Crawford.

I hope you can see straight away that this is a scam.  Why would anyone write to you from a gmail address, address you as “Dear Participant” and tell you that, magically, they have discovered £6m that belongs to you?

The answer to that question is simple.  They wouldn’t.  This is a scammer who is hoping you will fall for the scam and start sending them money.  Ignore this email.

From: Cindy Crawford <>

Dear Participant,

We write today with reference to a deposited fund totalling six million
pounds. According to our records, you have been confirmed to be the sole
beneficiary of the fund.You must contact Adrian Peters immediately via
email: to claim your fund.Please quote your
reference number: 70146734TZ when you contact us.

Cindy Benson