Reminder:Validate Your Account Access With Co-operative Bank

This scammer tells me firmly that a problem has occurred with my internet banking. It would do, I don’t have an account with the Co-operative Bank. Not to worry – the scammer tells me the reason I’ve been logged out of my account is because I had the temerity to use the back or forward buttons on my browser. What a wicked thing to do. I’m told these have been disabled to make it easier for people with disabilities to use the website.

All I have to do is go to the scammer’s website, give them my account details and, hey presto, bye bye money. I wonder what would happen if I pressed the back button??? Do you suppose they’d give me my money back.

Just ignore the email, delete it and don’t click on any links.

A problem has occurred with your connection to Internet Banking
We are sorry you have been logged out of the Internet Banking service
This has happened because you have used the browser’s ‘Forward’, ‘Back’ or ‘Refresh’ buttons at the top of the screen or you have used keyboard shortcuts
To avoid this happening again, please only use the menu on the left or the navigation buttons at the bottom right of the page.
Why has this happened
The browser`s navigation functions and keyboard shortcuts have been disabled for security reasons and because the Internet Banking service has been designed to be more accessible to all customers, including those with disabilities
We have designed the service to meet the W3C ‘A’ standards recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium, which has been set up to promote world wide standards of access and to encourage wider use of the internet,
Secure and update your account now
Please click OK to log back onto Internet Banking