Thursday, March 5, 2009 5:53 PM
“Dr.Abdul Zack Shahin” <>
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Dear Sir,

I am Dr. Abdul Zack Shahin, the son of Mr. Zack Shahin, CEO of Deyaar Development. I am sorry that i am using this avenue to ask for your assistance because i consider it a very depressing thing to tell a stranger like yourself about my father’s situation.

Please forgive my unsolicited contact and accepy my personal proposition to you for us to partner towards a mutual transaction. Before my father’s detention, he handed over the documents of some part of the embezzled fund that he deposited in Europe and i want to invest part of the money in your country with your help.

I am asking you with the kindness of your heart to be my partner in > investing this money.The amount my father was accused of is $100m but the deposited account is in the tune of US$35million.Please refer to this links to know more enlightenment. (

I will be waiting for your soonest reply.

Yours truly,

Dr.Abdul Zack Shahin.
“Dr.Abdul Zack Shahin is not sorry for “using this avenue” to contact you, nor is he interested in a “partnership”–.he’s only interested in your money. Rain on his parade, don’t respond and delete this stupid spam.