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A reader forwarded me this scam with this comment “Get out the crying rag–here comes a tear jerker. ”  I’m afraid I can’t be bothered to wade through yet another scam sob story right now – it’s tea time!  I’ll just say – this is a scammer – delete the email and don’t reply – otherwise yo will find yourself being asked to send money to this scammer.

Greetings Dear Friend ,
I apollogise in advance if this mail comes to you as an embarrassment because of so many things that happens in our times. However I would want you to see me as lonely voice of an oppressed woman seeking for help.
My spirit was moved to contact you despite the fact that I have not met you before. You might wonder why I cannot carry out my proposal to you with my Kith and Kin but I have faced so many betrayals and I also stand to loose my life if I involve them in this. My name is. Rev Mrs Esther Alex, widow to late, Bishop. Patrick Henshaw Alex, and the General overseer of community of Yahweh assembly Niamey, Republic of Guinea, who died in Republic of Togo in a ghastly auto crash. As God will have it, we had three children,a son and two daughters. More to this, I was diagnosed of esophageal cancer before he died. Today this ailment has kept me bed ridden for the past three years.
The high point of this mail was that my late husband had a very large congregation here and as such the church had a lot of funds. No sooner that my husband died than the elders of the church devoured all that was left in the church accounts and forcefully ejected me from the official residence of me and my husband.
Before my husband’s death he deposited six million, five hundred thousand United States dollars in a security deposit company here in Republic Of Guinea in the name of my son Mathew Alex. I am the only person with the knowledge of this money deposited in the security deposit company.
This fund was raised from the numerous donations he received and in particular a South African gold merchant that regained his sight in our church. As it is presently, my ailment has defiled all forms of medical treatment; I am very worried, as the doctors have informed me that it is terminal.Presently I have been disposessed of all the funds in my possession by the church elders and my husband’s relatives. They achieved this by conniving with very corrupt government officials.This fund is the only money left for me and my family to survive.
I am lamb in the midst of wolves, hence I am soliciting your assistance to have this money in the security deposit company released to you so that you can use the money for investments in your name and my Son as I do not want my husband’s relatives or people from my country to have knowledge of this deposit for security reasons.
I have arranged with the security deposit company to take this fund outside my country but I have not found an honest person to assist me in receiving this money and investing it wisely that is why am contacting you to seek your help to receive this money on behalf of my family.
Please get back to me with your legal names, phone and fax numbers if you are willing to be of assistance to me. I assure you that you stand no risk in rendering help to me.
It will be of mutual benefit to me and you.
May God cause his face to shine on you as you respond to my mail for more details through my very personal email account :
With Best Regards
Rev Mrs Esther Alexuzo