reply via website

This scammer has set up a website in the hope of convincing you that their little scam is real. was registered on 10 March to someone in Zurich.  It is an exact copy of this size, which was set up in February and also registered to someone in Zurich.  Clearly this is an active scammer or scammers.

You haven’t won anything and neither have I.  If you enter your supposed winning id and password, you will be taken to a page where you will be asked for a lot of personal details, including a copy of your passport or other ID.  After that, I imagine your “claims agent” will start demanding money from you.

Ignore these scammers.

Dear Email User,
This is to immediately inform you that your email address with Micros ID (Y2K-TB62-LTEC-YF82-9G) has won you $490,000 and a brand new ranger rover sports.Use the details below to login and immediately begin your claims.


Ingrid Beck