reply via website

This scammer clearly has skills that could be put to better used.  He has gone to the trouble of registering a new domain name ( was registered on 8 Feb 2012) for his scam and set up quite an elaborate website in an attempt to make you believe his ridiculous story.

You haven’t won anything – this scammer wants to take money from you.  Ignore him

Dear winner

This is to immediately inform you that your email address with
Micros ID (STD-HL62-94N-YF82-JB) has won you $485,000. and a brand new range rover sports.
Use the details below to login and immediately begin your claims.

website :
user : win2
password : pkn2
Email : via website
Name : Dr. Branson Hamilton
Micro ID : STD-HL62-94N-YF82-JB

Branson Hamilton